Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hectic Week

What a week!...time just flew by and it's sunday again...was so busy that i didn't have the time to update my blog...just came back from Junnie's (my hubby's cousin) daughter, Avril, birthday party...she just turned 2 today..."Happy B'day, Avril.." boy was so excited seeing so many ppl in the party that he did not sleep the whole day...i was surprised that he was still so cheerful and energetic when we reached home....i was expecting him to be cranky...heng!...But after giving him a warm bath, he fell asleep almost instantly when we put him in his yaolan...talking abt b'day...i went to Renee and Fabian daughter, Sonia, full month celebration last fast 1 month already...very cute...just brought back all the memories when damien was a month old....

Our chairman, Robert Miller, came over from Montreal for a the past week had us cleaning and tidying up our workstation and putting things in order for his boss and all the managers were all tied up in preparing endless reports and budgets....with the current economic meltdown, it's a challenge to secure more business...everyday when i reached home, i'm just like a walking zombie...tsk! tsk! not healthy...must ask Dr. Koh during my next visit if there is any supplements besides folic acid that i should take...

My MIL went back to Penang last tuesday, so it's just my helper taking care of Qi and Damien...I brought them back to my dad's shop yesterday and Yayuk sooon became fast friends with my mum's's so nice to see them both caring for Damien..they brought damien for shopping whilst i catch up with my parents...and they bought toy cars for him...hohoho:)...

My mum, knowing that i wanted to give porridge to damien, went to the market early in the morning to get fresh "nor he" for me to cook the porridge this morning, following my mum's instruction, i cooked porridge for him...jie guo...damien took just 1 mouthful of the porridge and decided that he doesn't like matter how my hubby and i hong ta...he just refused to open his month...he clammed his mouth so tightly that it's impossible to pry them open...No means No no choice hubby took out his fav Heniz pumpkin and sweetcorn and he happily whacked almost a bottle....giggling and smiling too...i will see if yayuk have better luck with the fish porridge tomorrow...maybe it's the way i cook it....

Oh Michelle, forget to tell you that remember the other time, i was telling you how damien didn't move when i put him in his walker?? he's moving like a pro...err....i should say sliding....backwards/sideways also can...but not moving fwd yet...maybe in another week or so...i'm so happy :)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Toe Toe Licking Good

Damien seems to lose interest in this teethers and fingers now...he has taken a fancy to his toes instead....i wonder how his toes taste....maybe taste like sng sng like that :p

Baby Walker

Just started Damien on his walker...My hubby and i decided to get him one when we dropped by Kiddy Palace (TP)....was there to see my gynae last hubby who is not a DIY person was worried that he will have problems setting the walker up...but wif some help from the sideline (that's me..yeahhh)...he managed to get the thing up....10/10 for his effort!!!

Hari Raya @ Dad's Shop

Some snapshots taken at the Dad's shop during the Hari Raya hols....

My dad with Damien

The 4 of us with Xiao Mien

MM and his Keropok