Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Wish List

Hub just returned from Amsterdam yest morning...after resting for the whole of yest, he insisted that i take a day off today and go out and enjoy myself whilst he hold the fort at home...woohoo! i need no further persuation...hahaha...so today, me and sis went shopping @ Taka...i shop and shop and shop...it's the GSS after all...as my b'day is arn the corner, i brought myself a COACH bag and a Kate Spade bag on behalf of my hubby...sis commented that hub is going to faint first and then lecture me when he wakes up when he sees my purchase and the damages i made to his credit card...hohoho...

Hub was burping Debbie when i reached home...he didn't scold me after seeing me so happy and excited with my purchases...aiya, should have bought more...lol...when we were putting Debbie to bed just now, i told him that i'm expecting a rock from him on my b'day too...and i'm dead serious when i told him that...he was speechless and just looked at me...guess he was in shock...but i'm serious loh -_-

Steam Porridge

Hi Glenda, you may want to try out this recipe for Janus...Damien have steam porridge for his lunch and dinner almost everyday...you can cook this with different ingredient on every other day so that he won't be sick of it :)

p/s: i'm adding a dash of light soya sauce or salt to his food now as per my MIL...she said that they need sodium now that they are over a year and are moving arn alot...but again, it's up to your preference :) Alternatively, you may add the grind ikan bilis to the porridge before giving him.

Ingredient: (anti-clockwise) Rice, pork, potatoes, red dates, dried scallop and wolfberries

Steam for an hour or so over medium heat

End product - porridge & ingredient should be moist and soft :)

Kids @ Play

Toys from Rent-that-toy...Damien is getting very very spoilt...always demanding EVERYONE full attention...hehhhh...if he spotted me or yy carrying his sis, he will start his nonsense...sometimes, i feel that my ears and head is going to explode with his whining and screams...jiu ming arrrrr....so no choice, have to keep renting heaps of toys to distract him and keep him occupied.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Just Mummy & Damien

Yest was the first time that i brought mien out myself...stroller and all...previously, i always had him in BB Bjorn when i brought him out myself as i do not know how to manage him with a stroller...So yest, i booked a cab...when the cab arrived, i put my bag and him in the cab first and told him to sit quietly while i stored the stroller in the boot...him being super duper active, i was praying that he will listen to me and sit still inside the cab alone...and he did...when i got back to him, he was clutching my bag tightly and looking out for me...he did the same thing when we reached our destination...hehehehe...this had gave me the confidence to venture out with him without yy liao...i didn't want to bring Debbie out unless necessary with the flu thing going on now...so yy has to stay in with her...woohoo!!!

Diapers from Japan

My sis, Jen, was telling us that many of the flying mums that she flew with like to buy diapers from Japan for their babies...so on a trip there, she brought back 2 packs of diapers...1 pack for my younger sis bb due in sept and 1 pack for Debbie...Brand is "KAO (Hua Wang in chinese) Merries"...so this morning, i opened up the pack and let Debbie wear...the diaper is so soft...i mean amazingly amazingly SOFT...nothing like Pampers and Mamy Poko...and after 4hrs...the diaper, heavy of urine, feels super dry when u touch it...wow...really a luxury to Debbie's and Mr.K backside...definately, will get hubby to stock up when he flies there.

Sam, i still have an opened pkt of NB mamy poko diapers...dun want to let Debbie wear liao now she is wearing KAO Merries...hohoho...will pass to you for Mr.K :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Daddy's Day

Celebrated Father's Day with 3 dads - my dad, hubby and my BIL @ my dad's shop...i got them a ManU cake from E-Creative...a week ago, my granny suffered a mild stroke...can see that my dad is worried for her...dad is very filial to granny...hope she get well soon.

To hub...from my 3 baos

The 3 Dads

@ my granny's place

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cereal for Toddlers?

Have been searching high and low for toddlers cereal for my boy...the only cereal brand i can find for 6-24mths is the "Nestle Gold: Oats with Prune" which i have bought a box for him to try out...currently my boy is on Nestle baby rice cereal: Stage 3...but i find that it's not substantial enough for my boy...any recommendations, mummies?

This is what my 14mths Damien is having now:
5am: 240ml of Enfagrow
7am: 1/2 cup of milo
9am: 1 bowl of rice cereal
11am: 240ml of Enfagrow

1pm: 1 bowl of porridge (meat & veggies + sweet potatoes (sometimes pumpkin) + red dates + wolfberries + dried scallops)
3pm: 1 serve of fruit
4pm: 240ml of Enfagrow
6pm: 1 bowl of porridge

Before bedtime:
8pm: 240ml of Enfagrow

As he is still taking milk 4x daily, i always see yy opening up a fresh can of milk even before the week ends...Debbie is on Enfalac-HA...and it cost $46 per can...so together with Damien's milk powder, really very shiong leh coz very expensive...but no choice loh...my MIL going back to Penang next wed...so it's back to me planning the children meals...oh no!!...sometimes, i really have to crack my head thinking what to cook for them...Heinz bottled bb food is a big no-no for Damien long time ago liao...he likes his food hot and fresh now...guess, gotto go pull out my recipe book liao

My 3 baos

Er Bao

Xiao Bao

My boy never fails to stimulate my heart...each day will have new pattern to scare his mummy...this is 1 of it...wait until u all see the video...so fast he climb...

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My 2 "D"s

Mummy said no more fever liao so must study

Debbie @ 4weeks 2 days

Can someone pls call Nippon Paint?

I do not know if Damien really understand that he has a meimei liao...kissing her seems to be his hobby now...

I dun think meimei likes it very much when kor kor kiss her...

An afternoon @ the pool

My sis, Jen & Qi

Xiao fei yu

Damien & Daddy

Damien & my BIL

My 2 sis & Qi