Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"Nian Chu 2"

Nian Chu 2 was spent going to my mum's place in the morning for breakie, then to the airport to fetch my was my first time to nice, bright and spacious...then we were off to my granny's place to bai nian...we went back to my mum's place after granny's place coz we have friends and relatives popping by in the evening...before they came, hubby and i brought the children down for a dip in the pool...the water was so fantastic.....what a HECTIC day!

My children and me @ T3

Qi & Damien with their Jiu Jiu

Qi & Damien with their Dayi

Me and my Daddy in matching outfits

Damien wishing his lao ma "Sheng ti Zian Kang"

Mummy, it's your fave LV bag leh

Nicole Ahyi & Damien

"Nian Chu 1"

Gong Xi Fa's the 1st day of Lunar CNY...everyone still sleeping except kaka & me....

Kaka with her ang bao & me

Meimei, happy lunar new year...see you soon..kiss kiss

Off to ah gong & ah ma place to bai nian le..

my ah gong

wah seh...ang bao for me AGAIN....hehehe

Scotti...sayang sayang...

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy "NIU" Year!

I'm like an energiser battery the past few days...getting the family ready to welcome the Year Of Ox...we had our reunion dinner at my mum's place just now...forgot to bring our camera so didn't take any photos...just got back not long coz had to do prayers before 12 midnight....

I was so busy especially yesterday and the day before...i did some last min shopping (as usual) at damien a new set of PJ and a top from Zara for my ah lao...and i blew a few hundred bucks at EGG...i love their maternity clothing, so comfy...:p

I was up at 7am yesterday...went for my appt @ Dr.Koh clinic...BB is 23 weeks liao...when Dr.Koh studied my weight chart, he told my ah lao that i "bu bu gao sheng" weight is going up, UP and UPP....hohoho...after my appt, we went home, rested for a while, then brought the children to Chong Pang to walk walk and had duck rice for the evening, we headed to my mum's place and was there until 10pm...

Just count down with my ah lao....Happy Lunar New Year!!!...may the Year of Ox bring you good health, wealth and to go give my children ang bao to put under their pillow liao ("ya shui chien")...till then...have a good new year....Gong Xi Fa Chai.....

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Unlucky Day

Yesterday was really an unlucky day for me :(
On my way to work, in a jam packed train, i was standing infront of a student whom i know will get off at Yio Chu Kang station...when she got off her seat and when i was about to take her seat, an indian lady swooped in and took the seat and she still can look at me and my tummy nonchalantly....#*?Q&#**?$#87$ blood started to boil...i kept telling myself to keep my cool....then when i reached harbourfront, the escalator broke down and i had to climb the long flight of steps (i can't find the lift) damn long...when i reached the top, i was panting and grasping for air and my legs felt like jelly.....

Now, on my way home, i fell down....yep, i fell...all fours sprawling on the knee and my elbows hurt like hell coz i used them to shield my tummy from the make things worse, i fell infront of my condo unglam...luckily, bb is ok....( i haven't tell my hubby yet coz sure will kena scolding from him one for being so careless and CLUMSY...)

When i reached home, still in shock, i told yayuk that i wanted to bring mien to my dad's shop...Qi was having tuition so i told yayuk to stay at home with her whilst i bring mien out..Mien played and played and laughed and laughed at my dad's shop....he played so much until he "harm bin"...yayuk and myself had to pacify and soothe him back to sleep...he finally settled down close to then, i'm like damn stone liao...a lesson for more playing after 8pm :(

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Made in China

My hubby was asking me the other day to get Damien some "challenging toys" as he can see that mien is quite sianz of his current collection...remembering that he still have unopened toys in the store room, i picked a box of stacking cubes for him to play...and you know what, i asked yayuk to throw away the whole thing after like 5mins coz the paint from the cubes starts to come off....yikkessss.....and printed on the carton is dunno what brand...and the print that immediately caught my eyes "Made in China"....ohmigod....really cannot make i immediately "report" to my hubby and he agreed with me that certain things, like this (with all the news coverage on the safety standard of China products), cannot be compromised....

So today during my lunchtime, i went to Mothercare to shop for some toys for fav brands are fisher & price, leaping frog and Vtech...

Updates on Damien's Swimming Progress

Mien's getting better with each lesson...however both he and my girl have the same problem...both of them are afraid to go was just as so when Qi's swimming coach feedback to me on this, Mien's coach said the same thing to me too :s

Anyway...i'm sure they will overcome this in time to pressure from daddy and mummy :)


Aiyooo mummy...
hmmm...i picked nemo the other week...what should i picked this week?
Into the tunnel i went.....and...
Mummieeeeeeeeee....i scared......