Sunday, August 31, 2008

9510 (30 Aug - 4D 1st Prize)

My boy's birth cert no# 9510 (ending last 4 digit) came out 1st prize in yesterday 4D draw...I was bathing halfway when my ang came dashing into the toilet with his fist pumping in the air:" yes...i won first prize...damien's birth cert no# came out 1st prize..." i was so shocked...and with my hair still dripping with shampoo....i grabbed a towel and ran after him:'' weiii...dun bluff me ok.." My MIL laughed at me and said: "'s true la...we didn't bluff you.." My MIL is also happy coz she bought his no# ang wants to give me some...i will only take abit...hahaha...and will get him to save the $$$ up for Damien's education use in future :p

Baby's Day Out

My hubby and I took Damien to my Dad's shop yesterday...we always look forward to going over to the shop coz that's the place that i grow up and also my mum's maid, Windati, is there...She will carry Damien for hours and bring him go jalan jalan herself...go Sheng Siong...go buy shoes...go buy keropok...haha...My hubby loves it there coz he likes the kopi and ming zian kueh from the kopitiam...Hari Raya Puasa & Deepavali is around the my dad is in the midst of stocking up for the occasions...Below are some pics of my dad's latest merchandise...we got BB Damien to model them...check it out!

Damien in SongKok

Damien looking at the imitation gold that Ah Gong is selling

Damien in "Tudung"

Aiyo..Ah Moi, you cantik nia....

My ang mo kia and Windati kaka

Damien Boy is Teething...

Last friday, when i reached home from work, my MIL told me: "Aiyo...your son is so naughty today...couldn't sleep in the afternoon...just want people to carry carry and so cranky..." hmmmm....My boy was so cranky the past few out of the norm...and when i took care of him that night, he was "mang chang" and throwing the next MIL and I concluded that he is teething...and true enough...we saw 2 whitish blocks seeming to about to sprout from his gum...that explains his behaviour and his constant salivating...I'm proud to announce that my boy is teething...

Me and my teether that mama bought me

A.B.C & 1.2.3

Me and Mama doing some serious studying...

"Slurp! Slurp"

Yesterday, I gave my darling boy Heinz Pureed Pumpkin & Sweetcorn...He absolutely loves it...But i cannot gives him that all the time coz my MIL is against giving damien "processed food" at this point of i "tou tou" gave him some hubby is my partner in crime, snapping those photos...i only gave him 1/4, then i whacked dry the whole bottle myself...hehehe

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boogie Nite

Following Damien's recent health scare, my dad suggested a steamboat dinner last saturday...mainly to celebrate damien's blessing and also to pile back the kilos that we have lost during that period...tsk! tsk!....Anyway, it was good to have everyone over for dinner :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Result's Out

Hi guys, result's out...Damien's cleared...he doesn't have what we dread that he might have (the "C" thing)...Yipppeee!!!!...A big big big thank-you to Pamela, Weiwei, Shirley and Idy who cried with me...Zoey for her lucky ring...Ginger for sharing her tots and strength with me...Yeyng,my buddy for your prayers and when you fast for Damien...My boss, Isaac for his understanding and empathy (He was the one who got everyone together to pray for us...thanks Isaac, you're truly a wonderful boss and friend)...Serene and Chelsea for your wonderful family who are always here for hubby for being my rock...and to all who are keeping us in your prayers...thank you all very very much...God bless all of you...I really appreciate all of u....Love you guys....

"Xie Xie"

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My First Potty / Tam Pui / Ti Kang

My MIL starts to potty train Damien last far no success with it yet...he starts to throw tantrum after like 5mins on the potty...hehehee....My MIL always tell me Damien has a bad temper....but i told her it's not's that Damien got Character....hohohoho :p

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Singapore National Day '08

Yesterday was Singapore 43rd Birthday. Feeling patriotic, i decided to dress Damien and myself up in red and white (colours of the Singapore Flag) before heading to the temple and then to my mum's place to watch the NDP.

S.I.N.G.A.P.O.R.E GOooooooooo Singapore......

"We have a vision for tomorrow......"

My Rolls Royce

"Mummy, pls dun kiap my armpit can?"

"Oiu jiu jiu, dun lay on my tummy ...not funny okie"

Just me and myself :)

Updates on Damien

Hi guys, just a quick update on BB Damien....brought him for his CT scan last wednesday and also a review with Dr. Quah Boon Long who is the head and specialist in this area....the CT scan result will be out on the 20 Aug which i hope will provide a closure on this....Knowing how worried and anxious we are, Dr. Quah provided some positive feedback that Damien's condition is not cancer which we all have been dreading of...that is a huge instant relief for us....however, his left vision will not be good and he will need to wear specs in future....i'm not too concern in long as he is happy and healthy...i really don't care much about other hubby is is really so precious and fragile....we really do not know what god has in-store for us....after this episode, i really learn how to cherish and appreciate my love ones....other material things are so insignificant to me now....i really feel bad for always throwing tantrums at my hubby ....and not spending enough time with my family....I'm really very fortunate to have very strong family and friends's because of them that we are able to walk thru this....Thanks for keeping us in your prayers....a big thank you....will keep you all posted on the CT scan result....We loved you guys....

Me in KK waiting for my turn

Ah ma and Jiu Jiu lending their moral support

Daddy and Me