Monday, September 29, 2008

Tummy Time

Hi guys, nothing much to update these few days....or rather i'm too tired and lazy....didn't get much rest during the weekend...thanks to my little dynamo who will without fail let go a series of sharp shrills at 5.30am sharp....i tried turning away and ignore him, thinking that he will go back to sleep...but no loh....he will keep at it until i'm so worried that he will lose his voice....hehhhh...

i told my hubby about this when he came back from flight...he said:" dear, get it right, he's talking to himself and not yelling"....ok loh...i mean obviously my ah lao didn't hear damien practise his vocal yet...the next morning, i was in the toilet preparing for work when my little one decided that it's time to wake the whole world off he went:" ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"....u know what, my ah lao who is preparing breakfast for me in the kitchen walked into the room and said:" Mien can you pls dun shout???"...i overhead this and could not resist saying:" i tot you say he's talking to himself??"...he didn't replied me and walked out...hahaha...

Anyway, here are some pics of my little champ on his tummy...besides, flipping and turning like a roti prata...he is damn good in executing his kungfu kicks too....

Daddy & MM walking me to the lobby to catch the shuttle bus to work

My boy feeling pek chek

Auntie Suzzane & my boy

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mummy with BB Damien

It was one of the few rare occasions that Damien was still awake when i reached home from work...normally, he will call it a day after my MIL bathed him and fed him at 7pm.....Seizing the chance of him being awake, i ask my ah lao to snap some pics of us in bed....goodness...he smell so nice...I'm so addicted to him...yummy!

My gal with her DiDi

Guess it's a bedtime routine inculcated by their daddy...romping on the bed before's a marvellous way to bond...Good job daddy :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Totally Shacked

(Background: My hubby massaging me whilst i'm posting this entry....)

Just when i'm about to bring damien to my ah ma (Damien's lao ma) hse today, he let out a loud and smelly fart...smelling like his poo smell...i decided to check him out before stepping out of the house...luckily, i did so coz he just bombed....after cleaning him up, he fell i put him inside his yao lan and let him sleep....after 1.5hr later...we headed out...upon reaching my ahma hse, he let out a big wail and could not stop crying...i tried all ways to comfort and pacify him but to no avail...after 15mins of non-stop crying, he started to scream on top of his voice...with his redden face and tears streaming down his xiao gu asked me isit he can recognise people and place...i'm totally clueless when she asked me that as i do not have any problem bringing him out no choice, i told them that i have to bring him home since he could not cease crying...and you know what...he stopped crying soon after i stepped out of my ahma hse....and he still dare to giggle at really powerful that point...i'm hungry, thirsty and non-stop i thought he is ok i decided to bring him to my sister place...he is ok at the beginning....then his pattern start to come out after 1/2 hr then i'm totally i waved his white hanky at him and told him:" ok you win, you win, mummy gave up...come...let's go back...." when i reached home...i just sat at the sofa gulping down a can of coke while looking at him playing by himself...i dun even have the strength to shake my head at him liao....isit he know how to recognise ppl and place liao or is he just being naughty? beats me...i also dunno...going to sleep liao....gdnite...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Friday, September 12, 2008

Damien's First Lantern

With my company issuing out discounted tickets to the Chinese Garden for the upcoming Mooncake festival, hubby and i decided to bring the whole family there to soak up the festive atmosphere....before making the trip down to the Chinese Garden, he went to Si Ma Lu to pray to Guanyin niang niang and also to get his version of "Ultra-man" lantern for our boy...i dun think "ultra-man" looks like that...must be he blur blur got a fake one lor....anyway...i'm sure our boy will like it since it's from daddy :p

"Daddy, is that ultra-man?"

Daddy and Damien

Hi...that's my ah lao in the background...he always insist that Damien knows how to stand with his aid liao lor....aiyo...c'mon la....damien also dun know how to crawl yet leh....also dunno damien armpit pain or not with his daddy always kiaping him.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Damien New Stroller

Finally, damien new stroller is here...we just got him a Pliko P3 Peg-Perego...because they do not have the colour i wanted, we got to wait for almost a week to have them delivered to our home...As expected, my ah lao start to nag at me when he heard me asking the maid to keep damien's Quinny inside the storeroom..."what a waste of money...told you already, should not get a just wouldn't listen...blah blah blah....blah blah blah...." nag and nag and nag...until i buh tahan...i told him..."if you want to sleep peacefully better shut up now"...and Viola....he clammed up....hehehe ;p

My wonderful MIL

I was just sharing this with my friends the other day about how wonderful is my day last week, i came home completely exhausted and drained...before i could stepped inside the house, i smelled something yummy coming from the kitchen...that was my MIL inside the kitchen whipping up her speciality and my favourite chicken chop...i stepped into the kitchen and this is how our conversation goes:

Me: " Mi, you all haven't eat?"

My MIL: "No, we eat already. I'm frying this chicken chop for you..."

Me: " need la...I can just eat what you cook...dun't have to fry this...extra work for you...and it has been a long day for you..."

My MIL: "No extra work so hard...need to come back and have some good food..."

With this, my heart melted...I feel so touched...there was another occasion...Last friday...i visited the doc whilst i'm at "down there" has been itching for the past few days...the doc said that i'm down with thrush...she prescribe me cream and wash...when i reached home...i complained to my MIL...the next morning...she effortly made a trip to the market to get some fresh chicken and she made sure i finished up the chicken soup that she made...she said it's good for my body and also it will help to clear up my "down there"....she really very effort lei...she already help me so much by taking care of damien and now she also effortly take care of me...i'm so mum is have my MIL around is a gem :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Christine & Kong's precious gem

01/Sept was Chris 1st day back at work from her maternity...time flies...of course, we wasted no time in exchanging juicy bits of info, advice, gossips etc etc abt our bbs...look at her darling boy, Cheng cute and chubby 3mths now...i should say that chris & kong have been doing a wonderful job...Yeah!!!...Welcome back,'s good to have you back :)