Monday, July 28, 2008

@ my dad's shop

Time flies, my MIL has been back to Penang for 9 days liao...she will be coming back this hubby is away on flight, i took 2 days leave to take care of bb...hubby will be back tomorrow evening...i brought damien to my dad's shop in woodlands today...we spend the whole day there...can see that my mum and dad dotes on him and misses him when they don't get to see him...mum keep on asking me to bring him to the shop tomorrow...hao ba...will bring him there again tomorrow...oh btw...damien poopoo in the shop today...and his sai is not hard hard one like last he poooo with ease...hehehe...i'm so happy to see him poopoo :>...mum wanted me to bring damien to see an eye specialist...damien got big small eyes and mum is mil says that it's quite common for bb with big small eyes...and it will be auto-corrected when they are older...damien PD also says his eyes are ok and normal...but mum says must bring damien to see eye's alley her worries, see when hubby is in s'pore, i'll bring damien for checkup ba...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Xiaoyi's B'Day

Yesterday was my younger sis, Samantha's, b'day...hubby and i brought damien back to my mum's hse for steamboat dinner to celebrate her b'day...clearly, damien was the center of attention...he stole the limelight from his bu qi xiaoyi ;p...

Me & Ah ma

Me & Ah ma again

Me & Ah Ma (again) & Xiaoyi

Me & Ah ma (4th time) & Dayi

My xiaoyi hugging me tight tight (OMG..roll eyes!)

I give up!!!!!

Nestlé NAN Premium Hypoallergenic Infant Formula

Hi guys, i've successfully switched my boy over to NAN Premium Hypoallergenic infant formula...He was so constipated whilst he was on Similac...that was the main reason that i decided to switch him over to NAN...and since the switch, he has been "poo pooing" once every other day...and his milk intake is quite good too...he's at 150ml every 4hrly now...i'm so happy when i see him happily gulping down his milk...All along i've thought that Similac is one of the most expensive formula...but NAN hypoallergenic is even more expensive than Similac...but so long as my baby loves doesn't really matter...I've shared this with my fren, Glenda, whose boy is on Similac too and has since switched over to NAN...Hey babe, i hope you have success with NAN too :)...and to all the mummies out may want to consider NAN if your bb has a sensitive stomach and is prone to constipation...Nestlé NAN H.A. (Hypoallergenic) is a hypoallergenic formula with easily digestible proteins that help reduce the risk of allergies.

See my darling "contented" look

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dinner at Park Royal Hotel @ Beach Road

Two days ago, i met up with some of my ex-cols from TOA for dinner. We went to this chinese restaurant (i cannot remember the name) in Park Royal Hotel for their al la carte buffet dinner. It was really nice that once in a while, we will meet up and swap juicy nitty gritty details...ya la ya's gossipping la.....hehe. But it was really nice and everyone had a wonderful time. Yong was the only guy (but believe me, he doesn't feel out of place). In fact, he was so at home. His antenna busy picking up all the gossips which was flying all around..haha...Too bad Jeslin and Kevin could not make it...Another time ba!

Serene and Moi

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Day 1 without my MIL

My MIL took the 9am bus today back to Penang. She will be back for about 2 weeks before coming back again. We are all missing her already...sob sob :( Can see that she "se bu de" damien. But 2 weeks will pass reallie fast and soon we will get to see her again.

After i send my MIL off, i took damien to his PD to have his 1st pneumococcal jab. At first, i was thinking to only let him have this jab after all his compulsory 6-1.
But i worry this worry that, so i decided to let him have it in-between his 6-1. There are so many different and weird weird virus nowadays. You never know right! He cry like nobody business when the doc jab him and even so when I was paying for his jab. He decided to wail and wail and be inconsolable. So no choice, kaka had to rock him and sing to him loh..hmmf.....The jab set me back $180 and i still have to follow up with another 2 more jabs. Wahh *faintz* Suddenly, i like very miss my hubby. Wish he is here with us. Nvm, he will be back monday morning.

Just gave damien a small dose of fever medicine. Not that he is running a fever..but just in case. Nowadays, he makes all those funny funny noises and cooo and giggles when we talked to him. My heart melt each time when he gives me one of his killer smile and when he looks at me intently when i'm speaking to him. I really feel bad for my hubby coz he is always not around to witness all this. No choice coz he has to work. Ohhhh, my menses is way past due. Maybe it's my body hormones re-adjusting to it's pre-preg state OR maybe ***hehehe***
Better dun let my hubby know abt my overdue menses. He always ask me not to "qi cake" him coz his heart not very good. *hahaha* Anyway will keep you guys posted. I'm going to kiss my darling boy now. Tata!

My MIL Darling 'soon'

My hubby cubie kia

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Da-Yi" Jennifer with Damien

Hubby went for his long flight yesterday (Tokyo-LA) and will be back only next monday. We missed him already. As i'm on leave today, damien slept with me last night. He was such a good boy when daddy's not around. Didn't cry when he woke up for milk. That's the irony. Coz when daddy's around, he will cry (sorry not cry.....but S.C.R.E.A.M...) when he wakes up for milk in the middle of the night. Can see that he is a little attention-seeker. This has been tested and proven. Must tell hubby this when he calls tonight. My sis, Jen, came over last night together with a bag of "otak"...she vowed that she must kissed damien 100times before she leaves. hahahha...and kiss she did. She even opened up damien button to kiss his chest. Ohmigod (roll eyes...). Btw, i had purchased 2 sets of flashcards during the weekend and will start to practice with damien. So exciting.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

BB Damien's 4th Month (Chinese "100 Days")

Hubby and I were up early this morning. Damien is approaching 4 months old and today is his 100th day (per the lunar calender and so called by the chinese) in the world. As a cantonese, my MIL believed that by rubbing the "Gu Chai" steamed together with a promfet on damien's gum will ease his pain when he is teething. Then he will not be so "xin ku". His xiao-yi bought him a Fisher&Price Rainforest Jumperoo to mark this special day (as usual, my hubby rolled his eyes over this extravagance). hehehehehe :) After which, we proceed to the Shuang Lin Shi temple at Toa Payoh to pray pray.

Daddy, Mummy and Me @ Gymboree

Yesterday was such an eventful day for us and BB damien. My hubby and I brought him to Hwa Xia International over at Harbourfront Center for his haircut and swim. My MIL and my maid decided to tag alone too. Before that, we took him for his class at Gymboree. By the time we got home, we were totally exhausted. But damien had other idea. He demanded that we carried him and rocked him to sleep. My poor exhausted hubby had no choice but to oblige. Poor him. No wonder he snored throughout the night :p

Botak Head went Swimming

For being such a good boy, we decided to let damien go for a swim after his haircut. He absolutely love the water.

Botak Head

Our darling son at Hwa Xia to have his head shaved. I carried him during his haircut. I felt sad when i saw his hair float down the plastic sheet. Hehhhhhh...hur! hur! hur! I really "bu se de". I didn't cut his hair since his birth only to have it slightly trimmed during his full month. My MIL and my hubby said that i'm so silly coz his hair will grow. Still i feel sad :(

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Crab Feast at Pamela's House

Was up since 6am after a late night feast at Pamela's house. That was my first gathering with the gals since i went back to work from my maternity. We had a crab (from Still Road) each to ourselves. Yummy!!!
My darling son's bellows for milk aroused me from my deep slumber this morning. When i was feeding him, i made up my mind to have his head shaved "botak". Guess it will be more comfortable for him in this weather. Here's a pic of him before i have his head shaved.