Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nestlé NAN Premium Hypoallergenic Infant Formula

Hi guys, i've successfully switched my boy over to NAN Premium Hypoallergenic infant formula...He was so constipated whilst he was on Similac...that was the main reason that i decided to switch him over to NAN...and since the switch, he has been "poo pooing" once every other day...and his milk intake is quite good too...he's at 150ml every 4hrly now...i'm so happy when i see him happily gulping down his milk...All along i've thought that Similac is one of the most expensive formula...but NAN hypoallergenic is even more expensive than Similac...but so long as my baby loves doesn't really matter...I've shared this with my fren, Glenda, whose boy is on Similac too and has since switched over to NAN...Hey babe, i hope you have success with NAN too :)...and to all the mummies out may want to consider NAN if your bb has a sensitive stomach and is prone to constipation...Nestlé NAN H.A. (Hypoallergenic) is a hypoallergenic formula with easily digestible proteins that help reduce the risk of allergies.

See my darling "contented" look

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mag said...

well i hv 2 give in to you in your afford to find bh the best milk that suits him best.

he bomb more frequent nw with the new milk powder and his disgestion sys seams better.

like the saying goes cheap thing never good and good thing never cheap heehee..he sure the luckiest to hv one of the most expensive milk on the shell in the market heehee..

thx lp for doi the good job for bh