Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"Da-Yi" Jennifer with Damien

Hubby went for his long flight yesterday (Tokyo-LA) and will be back only next monday. We missed him already. As i'm on leave today, damien slept with me last night. He was such a good boy when daddy's not around. Didn't cry when he woke up for milk. That's the irony. Coz when daddy's around, he will cry (sorry not cry.....but S.C.R.E.A.M...) when he wakes up for milk in the middle of the night. Can see that he is a little attention-seeker. This has been tested and proven. Must tell hubby this when he calls tonight. My sis, Jen, came over last night together with a bag of "otak"...she vowed that she must kissed damien 100times before she leaves. hahahha...and kiss she did. She even opened up damien button to kiss his chest. Ohmigod (roll eyes...). Btw, i had purchased 2 sets of flashcards during the weekend and will start to practice with damien. So exciting.


mag said...

hi hi.my ns in lax.jus woke up and im sure soon u guys wil slp in sin.total 16hrs diff in time.hows bh?surely lots of pattern hoh.time passes very fast this trip.flt time to lax only 0955.thats why i never slp onboard.counting the days back to sin.love all and thx for dressing up qi.

mag said...

bh is so lucky. so young alre got so many things hoh. like his smile when jen carried him. kind of abit cunning..anyway mummy do hv good rest ok.

im sure he will mis his ah ma next week.

mag said...

remembered when we were in cab u sang for bh all the songs from his cd.im very impressed that u can actually remember all the songs heehee..even taxi uncle "arm cheo" hearing you sing..woder how you will perform in karaoke heehee..getting dark in lax.food i ordered sucks man.miss my mom cooking..when i was young i never appreaciate her cooking till i came over to sin. really glad she stays with us.

mag said...

i just experienced earth quake in japan.thou is not serious but it causes headache like turbulance onboard.its very weird each time when i experienced smtm diff 1st think in my mind is our family.

well guess today is his jab day.hope he will not hv fever.but no worries ill tk over him when back.chki out tmr and really looking fwd to come back2my family.c u guys soon..love always..