Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Raising Children

Whenever i recall how my mum disciplined us when we were young, i told myself that i'm not going to do it "her" way...don't get me wrong coz i'm thankful for my mum for being so super duper strict with us those days (otherwise i won't be what i am today)'s just that i feel that it doesn't work with the kids now...i'm a mother to 3 children and i have my own set of ideology and ways to bring up my another word, i want it to do it my own way....motherhood is something that i embraced naturally...yes, it's tough but the returns that you get is un-measurable...

I want to be a friend to my kids...not just a parent figure...i want to be able to earn their respect and trust...showing affection openly like hugging and kissing is something that i encourages as well...but of course in the midst of this, i will have to be firm when i comes to disciplining them...mum doesn't imposed her ideas nor does she intervene when she sees me discipline the kids...instead, she will offer constructive advises and encouragement...

i hate those people who only knows how to give destructive comments and think that their parenting skills are the best...esp those who commented how i discipline Qiqi...c'mon loh...Qi is staying under my roof and hub entrusted her in my care...even though Qi is my step-daughter, she is not having any lesser affection as compared to my whole entire family accepted her and also made sure that she has whatever the 2 other kiddos have...seriously, i dun have to be accountable to those those ppl, i can only say to them that jealously kills...maybe they are jealous of my happy family...yeah...that must be the reason...please loh...take those comments of yours think so easy meh...dun talk so much...if you are in my shoes, i wonder will you be able to treat and give your step-child like how i did...i truly doubt to hub: not say i want to say much...just wanna let you know that not many gals would want to be in my shoes...but since i'm in...i will n is trying my best...u judge for yourself :)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


I'm so in love with Combi's product now...i was shopping with a friend the other day and she was hunting high and low for Combi's weaning spoon...we couldn't find that in Mothercare and being tired from all the walking, i told her to just grab other brands...she told me die die also must get Combi's...i asked her whether is it that good...she told me to get one since Debbie is on semi solid now and try it out (p/s: i'm using Avent)...finally, we got hold of it in Mums&Babes...i bought one myself and eversince, i'm's really that good...the very rubberised tip makes feeding so much easier and most importantly, it's gentle on the baby's gum :) Strongly recommended :)

I'm amazed by their teethers and drinking cup too...even though, it's quite expensive...but their products really got standard...Hubby is going to Narita on X'mas eve...i'm going to make sure he bring an empty suitcase with him for my long shopping list...wahahahahaha...aiya, not for my desired Burberry Blue Label la (hint! hint!)...hehehe...for the kids diapers and combi's products...okie, going to sms hubby to go read my blog now...Have a nice day guys :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Meet-the-Parents Session

Attended Damien's MTP session 2 weeks back...his teacher commented that he is a sweet-nature child who enjoy hugging and kissing his little friends (esp..1 female classmate)...hahahaha...i realised this myself too...even though, he is cheeky most of the time while Debbie is more laid-back, i find that he is more "calm & bochap"as compared to should see how loud Debbie is when she is joke man....There was one incident whereby my downstairs neighbour took the lift up and knock on my unit to investigate when she heard Debbie's cries...that was how loud she was...scary right? Daddy told her that she's just like her mummy....hahahahaha :p

Other comments: Almost 4months in the childcare, he is settling in nicely and is able to follow the routine/instructions quite well...not much of crying or demands to be carried now...course, there were times where the teachers have to like repeat the instructions 4 or 5 times before my boy caught it during lesson time...hehehe...the only challenge that his teacher has with him is during mealtime...he is most disruptive then...always putting his hands into his drinking cup/pushing away his food that he doesn't like/refusing to open his mouth/refusing to drink h2O/hitting the table...challenging rite? hehehehe...he's sometimes like this at home...other times, he is quite manageable when comes to mealtime...i told Yayuk this and know what she says? she said that of course Damien will behave like this coz who will eat or open their mouth to eat those things that they don't like...gua! gua! gua! she is so defensive when comes to my mien mien...hahahaha...hmmmmm...i must think of ways to correct his mealtimes bad habits...

That's about all his teachers commented on far so good :) I'm praying hard that his body is fast adjusting to this group setting environment and that he will not fall sick so often.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Debbie & Cayden

Despite staying in Jurong, that doesn't deter my sis to travel down to Yishun frequently to catch up...we sees each other kinda often and we still have so much to's also kinda cool like that coz we always wanted our kids to gel.

Since young, the four of us (includ. of my bro) has always been close...and it's amazing that we still yearn for each other companionship even though we have our own lives least a phone call everyday...anyway, i'm praying and hoping that the stork is going to visit my elder sis soon so our YDDC will have another cousin :p

Damien's First Year-End Concert @ Endeavour Primary School

Just got back from momsie...I'm still so full from dinner that i couldn't sleep...mummy always make it a point to cook our favourite food when we visit...that's my darling mummy :)

Anyway, my whole clan (+ my relatives) turned up in full force yesterday @ Endeavour Primary School to lend our support to my little giant who is performing for the very first time...i was mentally prepared that he was going to cry...he nearly did...but he didn't....heng arrrr! The event was very well put together...well-organised, colourful and entertaining...there was a mini buffet at the end of the concert too...we had a great time despite the horrendous rain :)

P/S: My sis, Sam, started to cry when she saw Damien performing...she couldn't believe that Damien has already grown up so fast :>

Viewing pics of his full dress rehearsals before the concert...of course, the pics are up for grabs @ $3/pc :>

Can you spot my darling boy?