Wednesday, February 24, 2010

School Excursion @ Science Center

I went on a school excursion with Damien to the Science Center was my first trip with him on a school outing and both of us enjoyed ourselves thoroughly...and the trip ended with a late lunch in school...i was even invited to lunch too :) It was indeed a nice and memorable event...Am glad that i did not missed it :) Thanks Idy, for the reminder that our children are our priority over work.

Mid~Morning Break

End of Trip ~ Back to school for Lunch

Monday, February 22, 2010

Punish or Not

Something to ponder over your morning coffee - An article that i read in Today papers:-

" If we punished our kids for everything they did wrong, we'd always be on their case. So, how do we know when to lay down the law, and when to let things slide?

Toddlers are naturally curious, and often get into trouble simply for exploring their world. Yet, this is how preschoolers learn. They poke their fingers into things, and experiment by smelling and tasting and even throwing objects against the wall. It's easy for adults to get frustrated - esp when they break something.

But this isn't the time to punish them. With young children, discipline should be reserved for when they're defiant or sassy. It's willful disobedience that we need to watch for, not normal childhood curiosity.

All kids play with things that they shouldn't, and it's important to keep them safe and teach them what they can and can't touch. But punishing them for being curious sends the wrong message....."

my cheeky cheeky darling who loves to challenge my authority at times

Getting teary coz i tried taking the telly remote control from her

In the end, mummy said ok to me holding for awhile...hehehe :)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wonderful Wonderful Weekend

I think these past 2days are by far the nicest weekend...Debbie and I spent a wonderful afternoon with Hub shopping in Forum on Saturday...Debbie is absolutely a darling n she's really fuss-free...Damien was snoozing away at home after his hard-core partying on Friday normally "$$$ conscious" hubby did not stop me when i went gaga in Ralph Lauren...he was always telling me to tighten my belt after CNY after spending a bomb on the kids...but i couldn't resist picking up a dress for Debbie and a shorts for Damien...wahahahaha...after picking up some stuff from Toys R'Us, i had the best nuggets and french fries from MacDonald's...i swear it's the best...

Guess what, Hubby seeing how much i luvs shopping, brought me out again in the evening...this time round, with AMK Hub...totally's much much easier now when the kids are when i asked hubby when are we going to try for bb no#3...he starts to fumble for an excuse...hahahahha...i can see that he is starting to enjoy himself with the kids now and is not ready to care for another to michelle and hub...steady pom pi-pi with bb no#3 on the way :)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy CNY!

I think it has been a month or so that i last posted an entry in my blog...just doesn't have the mood...i've been so busy with work, the kids and stuffs...times passes so fast when you're having fun...not too long ago, i was busing preparing for CNY and tomorrow, it's back to work for me...this CNY is exceptional special for me coz all of my love ones are around...mum really cook up a storm n we have been feasting for the past 3 was great fun...Damien had fun too whacking all those CNY goodies...his favs are Bengawan Solo prawn crackers and cashew nuts :)

Anyway, here's wishing all a very prosperous and happy new year! Gong Xi Fa Chai!

Debbie @ 9 months

Debbie turns 9mths on Valentine's Day and she has got her 1st tooth :)
I am enjoying each and every minutes watching her (yes, even when she's throwing her so-call's so hilarious) me, all these precious moments are priceless :)

Yayuk playing Doctor&Nurse with her

Yiba yiba anda-day