Wednesday, February 24, 2010

School Excursion @ Science Center

I went on a school excursion with Damien to the Science Center was my first trip with him on a school outing and both of us enjoyed ourselves thoroughly...and the trip ended with a late lunch in school...i was even invited to lunch too :) It was indeed a nice and memorable event...Am glad that i did not missed it :) Thanks Idy, for the reminder that our children are our priority over work.

Mid~Morning Break

End of Trip ~ Back to school for Lunch

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Ong Mei said...

See, this is another pull factor / advantage for you to put mien in the school rather than to put him in the nanny place.

ASk yourself
1) How often can u bring your kids to education trip? (in fact do u know where to bring other than Zoo and Science Centre)

2) The progressing of your kids bonding with other races kids. (Teamwork) & (Sharing concept)& (Can tackle ah moh gf or bf)

3) Of cos the benefit of cheaper rate, if u go at your own u need to pay the normal rate.

4)Lastly you can also gain the experience of being a part time child care teacher.