Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Just a quick update - Damien has recovered...but i will be keeping him at home for the rest of the week...he's going to miss the Children's Day celebration in school tmr :( choice la...i will only send him back to school next monday.

Debbie is recovering...most of her spots are almost gone...but i can still spot 1 or 2 ulcers on her tongue...amazingly, she didn't have fever with her PD did not prescribe any medication for she has to fight the virus with her own immunity...she's back to taking in her usual dosage of brave little fighter :)

During this period, i think i've become a better chef and nurse...trying out different different recipes to entice Damien to keep up with his diet, taking their temps every 3hrly, remembering their fluid intake, their output, keeping the hse clean...amidst all the was sure exhausting but i've survived even without my hubby by my side...yeah! yeah!...i'm kinda proud of myself...hehehe :)

P/S: i'll post some of the recipes that i've created for Damien (which he loves) in my next entry...mummys' , you may want to try them out for your tots...stay tune guys!

Meanwhile, take good care!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bad Luck

This month is a bad bad month for us...

1st off, Damien's stroller (Quinny Zapp) kena stolen...and i actually left 2 newly purchased GAP shorts inside the stroller...Total damages: $900+

2nd off, Damien contacted HFMD last tuesday...i was at work when his childcare called to say that he was running a i took 1/2 day urgent to fetch him from childcare and then bring him see his PD...his PD then diagnosed him with HFMD upon finding spots on his feet and ulcers at the back of his throat...his doc explained that the virus will incubate for 3-5days inside the body before showing any symptoms...upon hearing what the doc said, alarm started to go off in my mind...he was in close contact with Debbie over the long weekend...kissing her and all...oh no! oh no! Doc suggested that we quarantine Damien first and cross our fingers and pray that Debbie don't get on that day, i shifted to my sis place with Damien, leaving Debbie in Yayuk care at home...Damien had every symptoms of a HFMD - fever, vomiting, ulcers, spots on hand and feet, diarrhoea...This is just the beginning of my nightmare.

3rd off, Debbie got it...yes yes! @ 4months, my bb gal had HFMD...she started showing symptoms on friday...and i shifted home with Damien right after doc need to quarantine them liao as his kor kor is the source, doc explained...

Thank god, they are both manageable and co-operative during this crisis...hub was away most of the time so it was just me caring for the both of them...yes, they have problem swallowing stuff coz of the ulcers so i've been giving them cold stuff like ribena and glucolin to relief their sore throat and to keep them hydrated...Damien is almost 95% recovered...i'm going to bring him back to his PD tomorrow to get clearance so that he can go back to now left only Debbie...Jia you, my brave bb...mummy loves you :) Like what Michelle said, i'll make a trip to waterloo st to pray pray after all this is over...

More Pics @ the wedding...

Daddy kaput 3 balloons from the main entrance and tied them behind on my jeans :)

Mummy & me

Monday, September 21, 2009

Jack Neo & Mark Lee

We were at my cousin's son wedding dinner @ Safra Telok Blangah last night when we spotted some of Mediacorp artistes...They are all super nice & friendly...absolutely no airs at all...we managed to take pic with the ever funny Mark Lee and Jack Neo...wanted to take pic with "hui ge" but no time coz hub kept on chasing us to go home :( he say late liao loh :O

An apple a day keep the doctor away

Damien posing with his imaginary ball :p

Welcome Cayden Lee

My younger sis finally popped on the 17/Sept/09...Mum, Jen and myself were at the hospital at 6pm and he arrived shortly after we reached...after 15hrs of labour and 3 pushes, he came into this world weighing 2.84kgs and 47cm...he's so cute...he looks exactly just like my sis...going to visit sis and Cayden again next sat...can't wait :)...Congrats to you, my dear and brave sis and also to my bro-in-law...Cayden is such a darling :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hair Loss

I have been suffering from hair loss ever since Debbie starts to "phew" and play with her hair loss is astonishing *groan!*...i've took a pic of how much hair i've lost with each hair wash but i didn't want to post it on my blog coz it's super disgusting...dun say hair wash, my hair will drop even with the slightest touch...yikesssss! so scary...i hoped that Debbie will stop phewing her saliva soon...coz according to myth, that's when my hair will stop dropping...

Another reason that explains my hair loss is probably my customer...i have this customer, lets call her X, who is super unreasonable...i received a call from her when i was on my way home yesterday at 6.45pm...the conversation flow as follow:

X: Raquel, you are not in office? (she heard the MRT door beeping in the background)

Me: No, i'm on my way home...

X: Huh, so early???

Me: i start work everyday at 7am...i've to rush home to take care of my youngest is
only 4mths hubby is outstation and left my maid only leh (@$*^*#$^*@^@*)

X: i also got children

Me: How old are they? (i asked her sarcastically)

X: secondary school liao

Me: (inside me:@#*@($*@#) anyway, wat's up?

X: i need you to check if you have this stock on hand to support me

Me: Ok, you give me 1/2hr...when i reached home, i will logon to the system and check for you

X: ok, i will be expecting your call then....

I was fuming was her choice to work late and not go home to her children...but i feel that she should not imposed this on others...for me, my family comes first especially so when my hubby is not around...this really help to make up my mind to retire from the workforce in a few years time...i hope that i don't have many customer like her...okie, i'm done with my complaining..going back to work :)

Have a good day guys!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Princess Sonia 1st B'day

Attended BB Sonia Big 1 yesterday evening @ Yew Mei Green...It was a great party with yummy food (food is from Neo Garden), balloons and of course the highlights of the party, the B'day Gal (or BB i should say) & the B'day Cake...can see that mummy put in alot of effort in...It was a great one, Renee...we truly enjoyed ourselves...Damien sure did...Happy Birthday to you, BB Sonia :)

B'day BB wif Grandpa

The Party
Cousin Ashley & Damien
Ashley & Damien

Debbie @ 4mths

My yuan yuan will be turning 4mths tomorrow....below are some of her snapshots which i managed to take whilst she was still awake when i came home from work...yup, i have returned to the workforce last Tuesday...that explains the lesser time for me to update my blog...i do misses my children very much so that i told hub that i'm going to retire in 3yrs time...Damien will be 4 and Debbie 3 by usual, he asked me if i'm serious and i told him yes coz i'm definately not going to miss the time when they are growing up :p

Yuan yuan in kor kor's PJ...i find that she looks like a boy when she's wearing Damien's clothes :O

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some Pics of Damien

A phrase that i always say to Damien ~ I'm going to school wearing my shoes..."S" for School n "S" for Shoes....

Nap Time ~ My Damien in Orange

My fav activities with Mummy