Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Just a quick update - Damien has recovered...but i will be keeping him at home for the rest of the week...he's going to miss the Children's Day celebration in school tmr :( choice la...i will only send him back to school next monday.

Debbie is recovering...most of her spots are almost gone...but i can still spot 1 or 2 ulcers on her tongue...amazingly, she didn't have fever with her PD did not prescribe any medication for she has to fight the virus with her own immunity...she's back to taking in her usual dosage of brave little fighter :)

During this period, i think i've become a better chef and nurse...trying out different different recipes to entice Damien to keep up with his diet, taking their temps every 3hrly, remembering their fluid intake, their output, keeping the hse clean...amidst all the was sure exhausting but i've survived even without my hubby by my side...yeah! yeah!...i'm kinda proud of myself...hehehe :)

P/S: i'll post some of the recipes that i've created for Damien (which he loves) in my next entry...mummys' , you may want to try them out for your tots...stay tune guys!

Meanwhile, take good care!!!

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