Saturday, September 5, 2009

Damien's School Debut

How times darling made his school debut last week...i was kinda nervous and worried that he might just cling on to me and cry...after all, i was with him most of the time during my 7mths hiatus...And cry he did :( i was so heartbroken...but once his teacher gave me and hub the signal to leave him and peep at the designated place, he calmed down pretty fast when the teacher consoled and distracted him with toys and activities...
In no time, my boy is able to blend well with his heart was filled with pride when i see him playing with his friends and participating in the activities...he has no problems when it comes to mealtimes and water party (water drinking session)...i'm truly so very proud of him...I just hope that in time to come, he will truly enjoy himself and achieve an all STARS education in the center...Damien, mummy is so proud of you...muak! muak!

Schoolbag 1 ~ pressie from Daddy

Schoolbag 2 ~ pressie from Mummy

Angbao from Daddy for Good Luck :)

Star Learners @ Sembawang

Temp check

When it's time to go to my peeping station :(

Damien's enjoying himself in Music class

Light's out liao...mien still KLKK with his pillow
Besides music, he likes art & craft too

Lunch Time


After school ~ Home Sweet Home

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