Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Night Feeds

You know what's the most challenging part for me in taking care of a bb? it's the night feed...imagine when you are just about to go into deep slumber and the bb decides that she wants milk...you just have to peel open your eyes and pull yourself out of Zzzz zone to stay awake for another hour (feed + blurp)...take this and multiple by 3X every night...yes...that's my Debbie for me....everynite, i goto wake up at 12am, 3am and 6am for her feeds...N she likes to poo during her 3am feed...ohmigod!!!...BUT this is a thing of the past liao...yipeeee!

For the past 2weeks, my dear Debbie is able to sleep throughout from 9pm to 5am...wakes up for her feed and then she will fall back to sleep until 9am..sometimes 10am....woohoooo!...Damien is doing great in this area too...bedtime for him is 9pm also and he will sleep thru till 7am...i'm a Happy Happy Mum...Finally!!!!!!!

Here are some of Debbie's pics @ 10 Weeks

Sunday, July 26, 2009


I've wanted to do lasik for a long long time liao...coz i think it will improve the quality of my life...but i've been dragging my feet...the amt of $$$ that i had spent on my daily disposable contact lens for the past year is enough for me to go thru the op liao...

So after making up my mind to go for it, i dropped by Shinagawa Lasik Centre @ Wheelock Place yest to fix an appt to go for the pre-lasik assessment...i've fixed my appt on the 04/Aug...the lady at the counter told me that if everything is ok, i can have the lasik done the very next day...though it's a fairly straight-forward op, i'm still kinda scared...but no more delay liao...i will go for it :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009


It's funny that my boy doesn't like to watch anything else except Hi5...we have subscribed SCV Disney channels at home...but he's not interested...Okto channel also not interested...only Hi5...he'll be so impatient everytime when the player is reading the disc...and once it start, he will be so engrossed in it...actually, also good coz everytime when me or yy need a break, we'll just play the disc for him...i think he like Charlie and jur jur the most coz he'll get ever so excited when he sees them...

As for Debbie, besides her feeds and sleep, she has unlimited access listening to her sis and brother's rackets...you should see how Qi play catching with Damien...and also how Damien will go up to her, hugging and kissing her...Qi will then shriek in delight and disgust over his saliva on her...hahahahaha...all these moments are really priceless...even though they are step-siblings, you can see the bond between them...of course, there is a fair share of jealousy and sibling's rivalry...but when they are together, it's really amazing and magical :)

Mummy & Debbie doing "Tummy Time"

Damien watching Hi5

Monday, July 20, 2009

Damien @ 15mths

Just brought Damien to his PD for his 15mths MMR & chickenpox vacine + developmental assessment...Mien is in the 95 percentile range (he weighs 12.1kgs and is 85cm tall)...he is able to say a few words now, mainly: "papa" "mama" "mum mum" "tata" and some other bb words (i'm not sure what)...instruction wise, "yes" "no" "bye bye" "kiss kiss" "pant kiss" "where's your head" "clap your hand"....however, he is still not able to walk independently yet...he is walking now but still need ppl to hold his hand...so i guess he is a late boomer :)

Star Learners just called to say that MCDS has already approved our application to put Damien in their childcare @ 17mths...so got to find a day to go down and make the balance payment and as well as collect his uniform...my little giant is going to school soon...hopefully, he will be able to walk well by then..okie, i goto go now...going for my spa @ wheelock place...tata :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just for a Laugh

This morning, hubby suggested bringing Damien for dim sum at Xin Fu restaurant @ Toa Payoh...so we set off by taking the MRT...when we stepped into the lift at Yishun station, an indian who is holding the lift for us, turned and asked my hubby:

Indian: which floor?
Hubby: Errrrr...the highest floor...

Then he turned back and press the only button to the platform...hahahahahahahaha...i couldn't contain my laughter and i just burst out laughing...so did the rest of the paxs in the lift with us...the only one not laughing is Damien....hahahahhaha

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Thoughts & Emotion

I remembered asking 1 of my very close friend once why didn't she have other child (she has 1)? She and her hubby are definately financially sound to have another child...and furthermore, it's companionship for the elder one too...she gave me a mortified look and said, "No way! i'm not going to go through all that again"....at that point, i do not understand why her absolute and fierce answer...i understand that it's not easy to bring up a child but aren't children our pride and joy???

Now i know...after having Debbie, there is no more "MY TIME"...everything revolves around the children...no more dates with hubby...how to when we only have yayuk at home? she can't possibly cope with 3 kids with 2under2...i can only have time off when hub is not flying...other than that, i'm with the kids...making sure that they are eating/drinking well, homework all done etc etc etc...yes, i have yayuk to help but alot of things i still have to oversee...Exhaustion soon hit me...

As parent, you want the best for your child...i mean "THE BEST"...so alot of things, i tend to take it upon myself...1 good example is making their meals...hubby always said that he don't understand y i didn't want to leave it to the maid to cook the meals and have to do it myself? All i know is that i want my kids to eat what mummy made...

I was talking to Damien's childcare teacher the other day (yes, he is going to Star Learners on Sept 2nd) and she was telling me certain things have to learn to let go...hmmmm...i was thinking maybe on Damien's first day, i will be the one crying and clinging on to him instead...he probably will bo chiap me and join his friends...this can happen u know...i brought Damien along when i went and enrolled him and i can see he is very comfortable with that place...he not scared of ppl want...it was me who is very yim chim...how to let go? how to????

With my daily routine, i'm ending up with dark eyebags and circles, stiff muscles, looking haggard and gila gila temper...the only good thing is that i managed to lose 3kgs from it...hub who took over from the night feeding whenever he is in s'pore agreed with me finally that we should stop at two liao...when i see his shack face after 1 night shift, i also want to laugh...and somemore he pu juak coz not enough sleep...end up, i have to take care of him...really u know...me and hub are really slaves to our 3 kids...yeah we are totally tired but its very rewarding...yeah!!!!! to all the mummies who are also in our shoes, JIA YOU!!!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Debbie @ 2months

"Mummy, i thought you say i can rock meimei?"

That's my meimei inside the playpen...it's her turn now...hehehe!

@ the Zoo

I had fun last weekend...so did hub and the kids...we were at the zoo on saturday and my dad's shop on sunday...Qi really enjoyed being a cashier there :) I'm already re-charged to take on the week...woohoo!

The infamous white tiger

Boat Ride

"See daddy, a mermaid..."

Tram Ride

Tea-break @ Ah Meng Cafe...their nasi lemak, indian nan with curry chix and homemade ice lemon tea v.yummy...

Qi & Damien with their shack butler

@ the souvenir shop...told the kids they can only buy 1 item each...mien chose a parrot candy stick and...

Qi chose stickers

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ready to Collapse

I'm going to collapse!...i'm going to collapse!...i don't have enough rest, i can't even have my meal in PEACE...my brain and body like already shut down...i'm on auto-pilot now...last week, my family members fell sick 1 by 1...yayuk & myself are down with cough and flu...then, damien down with fever and flu and last of, hubby down with flu...still, the show must go on...to stop the virus from spreading to Debbie and Qi, yy and myself don masks and kept washing our hands after handling stuff...i lost count of the times i washed and sanitised my hands...until my hand very rough and dry :(

I'm so exhausted until i dun even have the strength to scold Damien when he's up to his mischief...he will look at me after he did something wrong...waiting for me to scold him...when nothing comes out from me, he will laugh and sometimes, clap his hand...when he did that, i will burst out laughing...jialat jialat...

Already so tired from caring for the kids and running the household, 1 very useless woman has to provoke me at this time...i'm so bloody angry that i scolded hub too...scolded him 2 full days to be precise...he deserved to be scolded loh...darn that useless woman too...no mood to blog about what happen now...will blog about what happen in my next entry...i'm going to feed Debbie now...ciao!