Monday, July 20, 2009

Damien @ 15mths

Just brought Damien to his PD for his 15mths MMR & chickenpox vacine + developmental assessment...Mien is in the 95 percentile range (he weighs 12.1kgs and is 85cm tall)...he is able to say a few words now, mainly: "papa" "mama" "mum mum" "tata" and some other bb words (i'm not sure what)...instruction wise, "yes" "no" "bye bye" "kiss kiss" "pant kiss" "where's your head" "clap your hand"....however, he is still not able to walk independently yet...he is walking now but still need ppl to hold his i guess he is a late boomer :)

Star Learners just called to say that MCDS has already approved our application to put Damien in their childcare @ got to find a day to go down and make the balance payment and as well as collect his little giant is going to school soon...hopefully, he will be able to walk well by then..okie, i goto go now...going for my spa @ wheelock place...tata :)

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Ong Mei said...

Busy mummy.... So when are u going to start wk. We need to mess up your desk or paste all over with post it note before u step into the office.

Cheers Future Aunties..