Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Night Feeds

You know what's the most challenging part for me in taking care of a bb? it's the night feed...imagine when you are just about to go into deep slumber and the bb decides that she wants milk...you just have to peel open your eyes and pull yourself out of Zzzz zone to stay awake for another hour (feed + blurp)...take this and multiple by 3X every night...yes...that's my Debbie for me....everynite, i goto wake up at 12am, 3am and 6am for her feeds...N she likes to poo during her 3am feed...ohmigod!!!...BUT this is a thing of the past liao...yipeeee!

For the past 2weeks, my dear Debbie is able to sleep throughout from 9pm to 5am...wakes up for her feed and then she will fall back to sleep until 9am..sometimes 10am....woohoooo!...Damien is doing great in this area too...bedtime for him is 9pm also and he will sleep thru till 7am...i'm a Happy Happy Mum...Finally!!!!!!!

Here are some of Debbie's pics @ 10 Weeks

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