Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ready to Collapse

I'm going to collapse!...i'm going to collapse!...i don't have enough rest, i can't even have my meal in brain and body like already shut down...i'm on auto-pilot now...last week, my family members fell sick 1 by 1...yayuk & myself are down with cough and flu...then, damien down with fever and flu and last of, hubby down with flu...still, the show must go stop the virus from spreading to Debbie and Qi, yy and myself don masks and kept washing our hands after handling stuff...i lost count of the times i washed and sanitised my hands...until my hand very rough and dry :(

I'm so exhausted until i dun even have the strength to scold Damien when he's up to his mischief...he will look at me after he did something wrong...waiting for me to scold him...when nothing comes out from me, he will laugh and sometimes, clap his hand...when he did that, i will burst out laughing...jialat jialat...

Already so tired from caring for the kids and running the household, 1 very useless woman has to provoke me at this time...i'm so bloody angry that i scolded hub too...scolded him 2 full days to be precise...he deserved to be scolded loh...darn that useless woman mood to blog about what happen now...will blog about what happen in my next entry...i'm going to feed Debbie now...ciao!

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Michelle Ng said...

Cool babe. U will pass the 3mths mark soon and everything will be a bliss. Jia you ok. If u nid sumone to tok to can always find me ya. :)