Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Wish List

Hub just returned from Amsterdam yest morning...after resting for the whole of yest, he insisted that i take a day off today and go out and enjoy myself whilst he hold the fort at home...woohoo! i need no further persuation...hahaha...so today, me and sis went shopping @ Taka...i shop and shop and shop...it's the GSS after all...as my b'day is arn the corner, i brought myself a COACH bag and a Kate Spade bag on behalf of my hubby...sis commented that hub is going to faint first and then lecture me when he wakes up when he sees my purchase and the damages i made to his credit card...hohoho...

Hub was burping Debbie when i reached home...he didn't scold me after seeing me so happy and excited with my purchases...aiya, should have bought more...lol...when we were putting Debbie to bed just now, i told him that i'm expecting a rock from him on my b'day too...and i'm dead serious when i told him that...he was speechless and just looked at me...guess he was in shock...but i'm serious loh -_-

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