Saturday, June 20, 2009

Cereal for Toddlers?

Have been searching high and low for toddlers cereal for my boy...the only cereal brand i can find for 6-24mths is the "Nestle Gold: Oats with Prune" which i have bought a box for him to try out...currently my boy is on Nestle baby rice cereal: Stage 3...but i find that it's not substantial enough for my boy...any recommendations, mummies?

This is what my 14mths Damien is having now:
5am: 240ml of Enfagrow
7am: 1/2 cup of milo
9am: 1 bowl of rice cereal
11am: 240ml of Enfagrow

1pm: 1 bowl of porridge (meat & veggies + sweet potatoes (sometimes pumpkin) + red dates + wolfberries + dried scallops)
3pm: 1 serve of fruit
4pm: 240ml of Enfagrow
6pm: 1 bowl of porridge

Before bedtime:
8pm: 240ml of Enfagrow

As he is still taking milk 4x daily, i always see yy opening up a fresh can of milk even before the week ends...Debbie is on Enfalac-HA...and it cost $46 per together with Damien's milk powder, really very shiong leh coz very expensive...but no choice MIL going back to Penang next it's back to me planning the children meals...oh no!!...sometimes, i really have to crack my head thinking what to cook for them...Heinz bottled bb food is a big no-no for Damien long time ago liao...he likes his food hot and fresh now...guess, gotto go pull out my recipe book liao

My 3 baos

Er Bao

Xiao Bao

My boy never fails to stimulate my heart...each day will have new pattern to scare his mummy...this is 1 of it...wait until u all see the fast he climb...

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