Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Busy Busy!

Hi has been ages since i've posted an entry...i promised to do so this weekend...can't do so now coz i'm rushing off to a customer visit with Ginger...please stay tune!

Take care!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Rain Rain go away...

After days of rain, finally the sun is out bright and shining...decided to bring the kids to the pool to soak up the sun...not too sure why, but Damien seems to be afraid of going into the pool now...guess it's too many days away from it :s... Qiqi and Debbie on the other hand enjoyed themselves...Today is also yy last day with us and hub is cooking chicken rice for clan will be popping by later in the evening for her farewell party...hehhh, we're gonna miss her heaps...sob! sob! sob!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life in so Fragile

Last Tuesday, my 2 sis and i visited my uncle at SGH...he's at the terminal stage of leukaemia and he is only 62, yet to be a grandfather, yet to travel around the world...and Doc gave him only 1-2months lifespan...This really hit me hard that life is so short and fragile...often than not, in our daily pursuit of wealth and material stuffs, we tend to neglect our love ones.

Looking back, i tend to get upset and angry over work...but now i think, whatever for??? Work is important but it's only a little part of our life...Life is more than just working...Life is more than my LV bags or the rolex watch and vacations that i yearn for...

So i told Hub that we should now love and cherish whatever we have today...also to start eating right and hit the gym :)

Hi Zoey, I have picked my favourite quote from your list and i'm gonna dedicate this quote to my beloved Weiwei :-

"Nothing in life is so hard that you can't make it easier by the way you take it. - Ellen Glasgow"
To Stephen & Diana, take care & be strong for your mummy! God Bless!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 1 without Diapers...

Today is the first day that my darling Damien went without diapers...As of now, we had 4 misses and 1 hit :) He's a fast learner so mummy is confident that he will get it soon...jia you, Damien :)

With the kids becoming more and more independent, me and hub starts to have more time for each other...we starts to go on dates, have long talks (even most of the stuff we talk is about kids...haha), holding hands, hugs hugs etc etc...JUST LIKE BEFORE...and i'm loving every seconds of it :)

Maybe, we'll just put-off our baby plan for bb#3 for awhile more...hahahaha!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My 31st Birthday :)

I turned 31 with a "BANG" yesterday :)

My dear Zoey planned a surprised birthday lunch party @ Fish&Co for me...she even roped in Kong Wai to attend as "special guest"...i was truly surprised as i thought that it's just going to be lunch with the gals...and then Kong Wai walked in with the whole platoon...wahahahaha :)

I had such a wonderful birthday...felt so blessed :) Thank you dears for giving me such a memorable day. I love you guys! God Bless you all :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

OMG!!! It's July!

Times flies!!! in less than a month, our dear YY will be leaving us...i feel depress whenever i thought about her leaving...maybe it's so because i have already treated her as part of the family and i believe that i am not the only one who will "se bu te" her :(

My new helper, Ramisi, is here with us for 2.5 weeks liao...yesterday, i gave YY a day off to visit her sis as i wanted to see whether Misi can handle the kids and stuffs by herself...Happy to say that she had passed her trial run...Mommy and Sam commented that she is very "automatic and has the passion to learn"...well, we shall see as yy has already set a very high standard for her predecessor to catch up...BUT i still will miss my yy...hur! hur! hur! much so that i'm dreading for Aug/01 to come :( she is indeed my right hand woman.

Besides the bonus that i'm going to give her, am thinking of getting her something precious to reward her for all the great things that she has done for my family :) My 2 sis are bringing her out for farewell dinner too...hehhhhh, my heart is very heavy now!

On a lighter note, hey Zoey, hub says he's bringing me to Chong Pang to eat duck rice pre-birthday lunch...not bad hor...coz at least an upgrade from chicken rice :) okie, going now...See ya tmr!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Just for a Laugh :)

This happened over one weekend and it never fails to make me laugh when i thought about it.
To my dear readers, enjoy :p

One evening, Hubby realised that his NRIC and his NTUC link card were not in his wallet where they were supposed to be and he immediately zoom in on Damien...after a few unsuccessful attempts to make him reveal where he had hidden the missing cards, hub lost his temper with him and began to panic as he has flight the next day and he needed his NRIC to go for flight.

We then started an hour hunt for his cards...we searched everywhere that we could possibly think of...his favourite corner, wardrobe, drawers, the bins, toilets etc etc...but the cards were nowhere to be found...all these while, whilst we were searching, i asked Damien: "Where did you keep the cards?" and his standard replies were:" Cards! Cards! where? Don't know where!"

Hub was getting increasingly impatient and angry when suddenly an idea popped up...i asked Hub for his Maybank credit card and gave it to Damien...then i asked Damien to hide it...he looked at me for re-confirmation:" Card! hide?" and i told him: "Yes Damien, hide the card!" and guess what, he led me to the study room and sat infront of the CPU...then he switched on the PC...while he was waiting for the PC to load up, he turned to me and asked me to wait...hahahahaha....he then pressed for the Disc tray and VIOLA!!!...Hub's NRIC and link cards were all in then i could not contain my laughter and burst out laughing...if he had not led us there, we would never have thought of looking in there for the cards.

Cheeky or Clever??? you decide :P

Monday, June 21, 2010

Debbie @ 13months


My crappy work aside, i've been spending time coaching my new helper...well, not really coaching but more to supervise...i've entrusted YY to coach her 100% on the domestic affairs while i input her on the house rules and far so good but i'm going to miss YY heaps...she is booked to go on the 01/Aug...hehhhhhh...well...i've got 4 wonderful years with i mustn't be too greedy.

Damien fell and bruised his eye on the TV console...ouch!!! and for the past week, he had blue-green eye shadow on him...hahahahaha...brought him to the airport very early last Saturday to fetch Hub...his plane from Milan landed at 8am but we were there at 7am...nothing much to do that early in the airport...besides travelling up and down the travellator countless times with Damien's shriek of laughter and having our breakfast @ Ya Kun (Damien loves their half boiled eggs and whacked them dry), the water fountain at B2 really captured his attention...we were there almost half an hour :) it was so quiet there except for the gushing of water's totally so relaxing and both of us had enjoyed the trip.