Sunday, July 4, 2010

OMG!!! It's July!

Times flies!!! in less than a month, our dear YY will be leaving us...i feel depress whenever i thought about her leaving...maybe it's so because i have already treated her as part of the family and i believe that i am not the only one who will "se bu te" her :(

My new helper, Ramisi, is here with us for 2.5 weeks liao...yesterday, i gave YY a day off to visit her sis as i wanted to see whether Misi can handle the kids and stuffs by herself...Happy to say that she had passed her trial run...Mommy and Sam commented that she is very "automatic and has the passion to learn"...well, we shall see as yy has already set a very high standard for her predecessor to catch up...BUT i still will miss my yy...hur! hur! hur! much so that i'm dreading for Aug/01 to come :( she is indeed my right hand woman.

Besides the bonus that i'm going to give her, am thinking of getting her something precious to reward her for all the great things that she has done for my family :) My 2 sis are bringing her out for farewell dinner too...hehhhhh, my heart is very heavy now!

On a lighter note, hey Zoey, hub says he's bringing me to Chong Pang to eat duck rice pre-birthday lunch...not bad hor...coz at least an upgrade from chicken rice :) okie, going now...See ya tmr!


Ong Mei said...

Wah really not bad... ur hubby "upgrade" liao.. wait til there is more to come..(while u eating your duck rice must think of the sweet moments, mind must thinking "those were the days" and u will find your duck rice more me)

surprise suprise suprise!!

Happy Happy Birthday to u first...

Everyone reading this blog remember to wish our Miss Glam. happy bird day....cheers!

Aunty Ginger said...

you can get YY a gold pendant that say "Raquel"... that will really make her remember you. Provided she ever walk into the 1st pawn shop she see in Indo. :>