Friday, June 25, 2010

Just for a Laugh :)

This happened over one weekend and it never fails to make me laugh when i thought about it.
To my dear readers, enjoy :p

One evening, Hubby realised that his NRIC and his NTUC link card were not in his wallet where they were supposed to be and he immediately zoom in on Damien...after a few unsuccessful attempts to make him reveal where he had hidden the missing cards, hub lost his temper with him and began to panic as he has flight the next day and he needed his NRIC to go for flight.

We then started an hour hunt for his cards...we searched everywhere that we could possibly think of...his favourite corner, wardrobe, drawers, the bins, toilets etc etc...but the cards were nowhere to be found...all these while, whilst we were searching, i asked Damien: "Where did you keep the cards?" and his standard replies were:" Cards! Cards! where? Don't know where!"

Hub was getting increasingly impatient and angry when suddenly an idea popped up...i asked Hub for his Maybank credit card and gave it to Damien...then i asked Damien to hide it...he looked at me for re-confirmation:" Card! hide?" and i told him: "Yes Damien, hide the card!" and guess what, he led me to the study room and sat infront of the CPU...then he switched on the PC...while he was waiting for the PC to load up, he turned to me and asked me to wait...hahahahaha....he then pressed for the Disc tray and VIOLA!!!...Hub's NRIC and link cards were all in then i could not contain my laughter and burst out laughing...if he had not led us there, we would never have thought of looking in there for the cards.

Cheeky or Clever??? you decide :P

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Michelle Ng said...

He still can tell u "wait". hahhaha.. how clever he is. hehe..