Monday, June 21, 2010


My crappy work aside, i've been spending time coaching my new helper...well, not really coaching but more to supervise...i've entrusted YY to coach her 100% on the domestic affairs while i input her on the house rules and far so good but i'm going to miss YY heaps...she is booked to go on the 01/Aug...hehhhhhh...well...i've got 4 wonderful years with i mustn't be too greedy.

Damien fell and bruised his eye on the TV console...ouch!!! and for the past week, he had blue-green eye shadow on him...hahahahaha...brought him to the airport very early last Saturday to fetch Hub...his plane from Milan landed at 8am but we were there at 7am...nothing much to do that early in the airport...besides travelling up and down the travellator countless times with Damien's shriek of laughter and having our breakfast @ Ya Kun (Damien loves their half boiled eggs and whacked them dry), the water fountain at B2 really captured his attention...we were there almost half an hour :) it was so quiet there except for the gushing of water's totally so relaxing and both of us had enjoyed the trip.

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