Sunday, May 23, 2010


I had a very wonderful day with Damien today...As yayuk will be heading home soon, she went over to my dad's shop with Debbie straight right after breakfast this morning for some me and Damien took a cab down to my sis Sam's place in Jurong...after his nap, we strolled (with Cayden and Damien in strollers and all) to Jurong Point for lunch...we had a yummilicious lunch @ Soup Restaurant...after that, I went berserk with shopping...headed back to Sam's house after shopping...i was damn happy with my purchase...hehehe :) we made Teriyaki Salmon for Dinner...that's Damien's fav dish at the moment :)

During our cab ride home after a long day out, i hugged Damien tightly and told him that i love him and he said:" i love u" back...that was when i started to tears...OMG! i couldn't control my tears...both Damien and Debbie are my precious cargo and at that moment, i just felt contented and blessed and i could not want to exchange it for anything else in the world...thank you God for my two wonderful bundles :)

Damien and Debbie, mummy love you :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sony or Canon?

Am getting a new current one is crap...can't even take a decent shot liao...i must get one soon...otherwise, i'm going to miss some kodak moments from the kids :0

Bought Qiqi and Damien out for Dinner at Sakae very very full now...groan! groan!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy 1st Sweet B'day Debbie

My bb turned 1 today...didn't apply for leave from work today so Debbie spent her b'day with mummy really "you xin"...still effortly go get a small cake and lou some red eggs for her...she must have a blast with granny and grandpa wonder, she kept laughing and smiling in her sleep :) Thanks Mummy :)

Wanna wish my baobei Debbie a happy & sweet 1st B'day and may she be healthy, happy and smiley ALWAYS! Mommy loves you! Muaks!

Here are the pics from her B'day Celebration last weekend. Enjoy :)