Monday, August 31, 2009

Step Relationship

I think the toughest job on earth is to be other's step-mum...I am one to a 8yr old gal...and it SUCKS big time at times...i HATE it, hate it, hate seems that I'm NEVER GOOD enough...always biased, always unfair...even when myself & my entire family (this i meant: my mum, dad, 2 sisters and brother) shower her with heaps of attention and love, it's never enough...she wants more and's like she wants 200%...then how about Damien & Debbie??? i'm so sick and tired of her complains and her BLACK FACE...i don't even want to go into my hubby coz that will make my blood boil...stupid man!!!!

All i can say is that this is my fate and if i can help it, i wouldn't want my Debbie to be other's's a freaking lousy job with 0 returns.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Flash News

With the month August coming to an's time for me to return to the it will be back to work for me next tuesday, Sept 1...and mien will make his school debut next week too :) ...with that, i have been running errands for the past few days...collecting mien's uniform, shopping for his school-bag and water bottle, getting ready for work, making a trip to the hair saloon etc etc...
I had fun shopping with sam last wed @ Vivo...she is also all geared up for her precious arrival liao...she just collected her maid and they have been spending time at my place to learn abt taking care of bb (with Debbie as a demo bb and Yayuk as a trainer)...hohohohoho...
Anyway, i have posted some pics of Debbie's 100 Days and Damien with his toy piano...will be bringing Yayuk to Geylang Serai to soak up the hari raya festive tonight...till my next post, take care :)

Steam promfet & gu chai for Debbie's 100 Days

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bintan Trip

Just got back from Bintan last night...although it was just a 2N/3D affair, i thoroughly enjoyed was the first time hub and me brought Damien overseas since he started walking...we had mentally prepared ourselves for the worst as the hotel obviously doesn't have "yao lan"...hub even told me that worst come to worst he will rock Damien to sleep....hmmm...i was thinking: "huhhhh, rock a 13kg child to sleep in your arms??????" stress, stress, stress...
But, surprise surprise...Damien slept like a piglet on the ferry both ways and he slept and ate very well in was such an amazing trip with him and although it was tired looking out for him, me and hub were very proud of him as he really did behave himself even when he was still running a slight flu when we were there...everyone had a great time and i hope that hub will soon plan for another family trip...enjoy the pics...cheers :)

In ferry to Bintan

See my darling boy in la la land
It was quite cloudy when we were in Bintan ~ good coz not too hot for us

Our room facing the south china sea - pic taken outside our room

@ Nutty Children Corner

Bungy Ride

Having our Dinner

Qi trying her hands at putting

Daddy taking Damien for a ride

Horse-riding...Qi commented her horse abit white hair somemore...hahaha

hmmmm....wat's the no# to room service?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Ok, we have decided...we are heading out to Bintan this friday for a short getaway...will be staying @ Bintan Lagoon...i am definately looking fwd to this trip as i will be returning back to work the following last chance to relax...hahahaha...the worse things are that mien is running a flu and i'm having the "thing of the month"...just brought him to his PD to get more flu medicine and i hope my "woman issue" will clear up soon...hehehe...

Anyway, Debbie and yy won't be joining us this time round...the weather is crazy and Debbie is still so better not...will bring her when she is older...but 1 thing for sure, i will miss her alot :(

Friday, August 14, 2009

Debbie @ 3mths old

My princess turns 3mths old today...i must say that she's my darling girl...she has such sweet temperament and caring for her is such a breeze...she is able to hold her head and loves interacting with ppl now...i love mornings especially...the moment i say: "Good Morning, Debbie!" she will break into giggles and smiles...ohhhhh...i luv that moment...i wish that time will not pass so fast so that i can savour each moment with my kids...not that i'm complaining...but they really grow so fast, too fast in fact...:O