Sunday, August 9, 2009

ION Orchard

Wow wow wow...we were there last friday and the crowd was crazy...after a quick lunch @ Burger King, we started our shopping spree...we were at the LV boutique and i spotted a LV bag which i like...hehehehehe...hub is coming back from Rome tomorrow and he said he will take care of the kids while i go get the LV bag...i didn't buy it last friday as it's way out of my budget and i need the weekend to think about i thought about it long and hard and i've decided to go get it...yeah! yeah! yeah! So tmr, i'm going shopping again with my 2 sis...this time round, without the kids...woohooo!!!! Retail Therapy definitely works for me :)

Mummy wait, u forget to take shopping basket!

Mummieeeeeeee, Shopping basket!!!!!

@ my bro's shop after shopping....he has his own business and shop at Tekka Center now :)

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