Friday, August 14, 2009

Debbie @ 3mths old

My princess turns 3mths old today...i must say that she's my darling girl...she has such sweet temperament and caring for her is such a breeze...she is able to hold her head and loves interacting with ppl now...i love mornings especially...the moment i say: "Good Morning, Debbie!" she will break into giggles and smiles...ohhhhh...i luv that moment...i wish that time will not pass so fast so that i can savour each moment with my kids...not that i'm complaining...but they really grow so fast, too fast in fact...:O

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Michelle Ng said...

Debbie's smile is soo sweet. She look more n more like her korkor as she grows hor. Oh, tells mag don't use hp around the kids. The radiation is very bad for them. And nv leave ur hp anywhere near them ya. ;)