Friday, August 28, 2009

Flash News

With the month August coming to an's time for me to return to the it will be back to work for me next tuesday, Sept 1...and mien will make his school debut next week too :) ...with that, i have been running errands for the past few days...collecting mien's uniform, shopping for his school-bag and water bottle, getting ready for work, making a trip to the hair saloon etc etc...
I had fun shopping with sam last wed @ Vivo...she is also all geared up for her precious arrival liao...she just collected her maid and they have been spending time at my place to learn abt taking care of bb (with Debbie as a demo bb and Yayuk as a trainer)...hohohohoho...
Anyway, i have posted some pics of Debbie's 100 Days and Damien with his toy piano...will be bringing Yayuk to Geylang Serai to soak up the hari raya festive tonight...till my next post, take care :)

Steam promfet & gu chai for Debbie's 100 Days

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