Wednesday, August 12, 2009

1st Independent Walk

Damien started walking on his own a few days actually caught hub and me by surprise when he did that...we were having dinner when he decided to stand up and started walking...when he first did that, my heart was in my mouth....i was so afraid that he might fall...thank god he knew how to cushion his falls with his hand....previously, he wasn't confident and always needed someone to hold his hand when he my...@ 16mths, it was indeed a pleasant surprise for us...

Managed to get it on video the first night he walked...he's more steady now and kinda how lian also...hahahaha...just now, he didn't see where he was going and knocked his chin on the TV console and cut his tougue (he got almost all his teeths) lotsa blood...tsk tsk tsk!....guess, more to come...must ask YY to step up her vigilant on him now...anyway...i'm freaking happy that he had hit another milestone...way to go, Damien :) Mummy luv U.

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We Are Our Mummy's Baobeis said...

Finally, the day u've been waiting for. U must be smiling from ear to ear when u saw him 1st do that. Must be ultra careful now, and expect more bumps coming ur way. :)