Sunday, February 22, 2009

Counting Down - 5 more days....

This coming friday will be my last working day in Future...afterwhich, i will be embarking on a 6months no pay leave...technically speaking, it will be only 2months no pay coz my company will be still paying me the 4mths maternity...i will be back to work on 01/Sept :) hmmm...i must definately put this 6mths into good use...

My boy has entered the phase of being difficult and fussy...mealtimes are now a big big challenge...often than not, you will get to see mouthful of pumpkin or porridge or whatever that is in his mouth, spewing out from his mouth and ended up either on your shirt or hair...for me, his fav landing pad will be on my specs...ohmigod...he purposely want loh...and then he will laugh and laugh at my sorry sight...hehhhh....and now, he didn't want to sit still liao...just want to walk and walk and do all those monkey faces...sometimes, he also cute la...cute and naughty...just like me...hehehe :)

Can't wait to be just not working and be with him all the time and grow with i speaking too soon on this? hehehe...will update u guys in time to come...ciao :p

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Hubby's 38th B'day @ Sentosa

Today is my hubby 38th b'day...his b'day wish is simple...i.e. to spend the day in Sentosa with me and the after Qi's Berries class, we headed to Sentosa...barely 3hrs there, we called it was so freaking hot...i felt like i'm being roasted alive...besides that, our pocket also kena burnt...we blew nearly 200 bucks just under 3hrs...ohmigod...hubby and I then decided that we should just head back to Vivocity where we will be under the blissful air-conditioning...that was 1 good hell of a decision...hehehe :) Anyway, Happy Happy B'day to you, Hubby...May you be healthy and happy always....


Me & the kids inside the cable car

Damien started to yawn before we even started "sight-seeing"

The UnderWater World

Qi's handmade B'day card to Daddy

My hubby's b'day gift from me - A handsome Delsey bag

Thursday, February 12, 2009

CJ & Damien

Yesterday, after bringing Damien for his swimming lesson, i met up with Chris for lunch at northpoint...what a pleasant surprise when i saw CJ with her....After lunch, she popped by my place and the two boys had such good time together (CJ is only 2mths behind Damien)....Chris taught me some new bb's food recipe which i can't wait to try it out during the weekend...we talked and talked and talked and the boys played and played until 9.30pm...hehehe...Chris & CJ, it's really nice to have you guys and mien mien really enjoy your companion :)

CJ & Damien

Chris & Damien


Notti Damien

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Auntie's Susan House

Went to Auntie's Susan house to bai nian today...when it's time to leave, Qi was most reluctant...she luvsss her Ee Po swiss ball and bean bags...Damien too...fighting with her sis over the big swiss ball...very naughty..tsk! tsk!

Qi & Damien with their S'pore cousins

Crab Feast @ Bottle Tree Park

Went to Bottle Tree Park ( with my sis and her hubby for a crab feast yesterday night...the crab was damn huge...really filled up our stomach....however, i liked their wah tan horfun best....i can say that theirs is one of the best horfun that i have ever tried...must go try...highly recommended :p

See my ah lao pong pong lips...the crab is spicy

French Cuisine

My hubby signed up for the culinary course organised for the cabin crew by the SATS kitchen....his 1st attempt at the French Cuisine...he brought back his "creation" for us to sample...and he rattled the food name in French as he was serving qi and me...dear honestly, i'm impressed but i cannot remember the name liao....

The Salad


Chicken - Main Course

Sunday, February 1, 2009

CNY Open House

Invited some of my friends over yesterday...Glad that everyone had a wonderful time :) When i was browsing through the photos, i realised that i really become very tau liap liao..aiyooo...jia lat leh...still 4 more months to go...oh no!

Michelle's bao bei, Xandren, & Damien

The four preggies - (L) Chelsea, Joyce, myself & Michelle. So happy that five of my very close friends are pregnant. 2 could not make it yesterday. In random order of BB's EDD - Jeslin (Mar), Michelle (April), Myself (May), Chelsea & Joyce & **** (Sept). Not able to disclose **** yet. hehe.. Hip hip horray!!!!

My buddy with mien mien