Friday, March 27, 2009

Montessori @ Alexandra

Yesterday, hubby and i dropped by the Montessori Pre-School Centre @ Alexandra to take a look at the premise and also to view their facilities and programs...their facilitator, Lilian, brought us around and hubby likes the place and programs they offer so we have kinda decided that this will be the place for our little Damien when he turns 18mths this Oct.

We got him enrolled, paid the registration fee and also had the payment schedule with the govt subsidy worked out...we will sort out the rest of the miscellaneous stuff, like his uniform etc etc in July...actually, i had my fears whenever the thought of sending Damien to pre-school comes up...what if he catches a virus easily and fall sick?...after all, it's a school environment and his immune system is still not strong enough yet...what if he kena bully?...what if he is scared and needed mommy?...what if he feels that mommy doesn't wants him around at home anymore now that she has meimei...*heart pain! heart pain!*...i burst out crying after i voiced out my fears and concerns to hubby...

To add on, i was reading this book, "Raising Boys" by Steve Biddulph, and it says that if at all possible, a boy should stay home with one of his parents until age three as childcare of the institutional kind does not suit boy's nature under this age. Many studies have also shown that boys are more prone than girls to separation anxiety and to becoming emotionally shut down as a result of feeling abandoned. However, my hubby does not see it this way...he shared with me his thoughts and opinions of sending our boy to pre-school at 18mths...after a long talk with him (amidst much wailing and tears), somehow he managed to convince me to look on the bright side of's going to be good for him :)

Let's hope and pray that when the time comes for Damien to enter pre-school this Oct, it will be a smooth transition for him...i'm keeping my fingers cross :)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

1st Lunar B'day

Today is my boy 1st Lunar b' we will be throwing a party for him on his ang moh b'day on the 05/April, at my mum insistence, we had a small celebration today to commemorate this mum said that as we are Chinese, today is a very important day for Damien so must celebrate..this is what we did :)

Pong Piah for Damien to wear during prayers

Must take all the Pong Piah to wipe his mouth

Me pigging out in the Kitchen after prayers

Damien picking out 4-digits for his Lao Pa...Huat Ahhh!

Damien's first pair of shoes - Pressie from his daddy

Mummy, are we going out liao???

His jie jie bought a small pressie for him from school :)

In temple praying - Daddy scolded him coz he boh ciap boh ciap like that :o

After scolding - see how serious is he...hehehehe

Monday, March 23, 2009

Almost There! - The Last Lap

I'm in the home stretch :)...just went for my routine check-up at Dr.Koh and all is well...this time, my placenta is where is should be, high up in the womb...hehehehe...i'm 31 weeks liao and bb is's going to be a C-Sec for me as my bb spacing is too short...Dr.Koh already gave me the C-Sec date, that is, between 13-20/ later than that...when he asked us to go choose a date and time within that range, my heart started to beat very fast...coz that's like 6 weeks to go only...

So it's going to be full-steam right ahead now - choosing c-sec date/time, making hospital arrangements, shopping for bb essentials, preparing for Damien's photoshoot on the 13/April (i'm definately going to 100% heed Michelle's advise, that is, to spend as much time as possible with Damien) and last but not least, to prepare myself for the birth, breastfeeding and confinement (urgggh!)...

Amongst this, it's time to slow down the pace now and make as much time for myself and Damien before the BB takes over :)

This is what i got for BB to come home in - and of course, it must be pink in colour :)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Subway's "Subway Melt"

I'm so hooked on Subway's "Subway Melt" in Honey Oats yummy!...i had it for lunch yesterday and today and is going to have it for lunch tmr as well...just thinking of it can make me drool :p...i think i will go for the foot long one tmr...anyway, i dun have waistline liao...hehehe :)

i brought YY and Damien out to get my Subway just now and also to get my nursing bras...i managed to scout for cheap and good nursing bra at E2 @ northpoint...only $13.50/pc nia after 30% comfy...i dun like the ones at Spring i got 2pcs...good buy!

I was out shopping at Vivo on wednesday...managed to get all the things i needed for my bb nothing much to prepare liao...hmmmm, will go check my list again to see if i miss out anything.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


As i have mentioned in my previous blog entries that Damien has a habit of waking up arn 3am to PLAY...this morning was no exception...right on cue, he woke up at 3am...he started to amuse himself with his singing, trying to chew off the photo frames displayed on my bedside, playing with my sleepy face etc etc...he started to cry and i guessed he was hungry, so i made him some milk and right after milk, he went back to sleep...only to left me wide awake :(

So here i am, infront of the PC, waiting for the Zzzzz bug to hit me again...
Anyway, here are some pics of him with his coconut haircut :0

Happy B'Day Weiwei ~ 19/March/09

Happy happy B'day to one of the greatest and sweet mummy & dear WeiWei...many happy returns...Cheers!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

09 Days away from home

Last Sun, my hubby departed for his 09Days fra-nyc...thinking back, it had been ages since he was away on such a long flt ever since Damien was born...before he left, he kept on telling me that he will miss the kids and of course me very much and made me promised to send him heaps of MMS...

As for me, i really do miss him and also learn to appreciate his physical strength when he is around...especially now, when my tummy is as big as a beach ball...i'm not as mobile as before when it comes to caring for Damien and i relied alot on his strength...

Generally, me and Yayuk are still coping fine...Yayuk as usual is still mainly taking care of Damien and i'm still the main caregiver to him...There is this period in a day that are most's during the early evening when i had to take care of Damien since Yayuk has to prepare dinner and wash up after we are done amongst other things...This window although tiny, usually about 2 hours, is really quite tiring...Damien is crawling, standing, climbing and throwing things around NON-STOP and basically tearing the house apart...once Yayuk is done with her chores and showered she will come and take over Damien...

I do admit that by taking care of Damien at this point of time when he is curious about almost everything, with boundless energy (even with a cough and runny nose) had me thinking that bb spacing is indeed very important...hmmmm....bottomline: "I'M EXHAUSTED"

Sunday, March 15, 2009

StemCord Seminar

Hubby & i went for the StemCord seminar @ Sheraton Tower Hotel yest just so that we can get the $480 discount off their promo package if we signed up yest(U.P $1280) we only paid $800 and also collected the kit liao...hehe :) thing off my "to do" list...Yeah!

During the seminar, my hubby yawned so many times and without covering his mouth somemore *shake head*...tsk! tsk!...and besides that, he kept on fidgeting in his seat until i have to give him my killer stare as he was distracting me and maybe the couple behind us...hehhhhhh!..but he was so damn pleased with the savings loh that he treated me to dinner @ Prego...the pasta there are damn fantastic satisfying...glurp!

Btw, Damien is almost well liao...he got 90% of his voice back...brought him to Chong Pang this morning to have his hair cut...i asked the xiaojie to cut as short as possible coz of the hot weather...i hope that his hair will grow out nicely in time for our photoshoot next month :)
abit like coconut hairstyle hor :o

Friday, March 13, 2009

No Voice

My boy has completely lost his voice liao...he sounds like ronald duck when he cries or try to talk now...he has recovered from his fever and flu liao...just that his voice is will be another week or so for him to get his voice back...poor boy...

He knows that he "bo siah" leh...coz when he trys to yell his favourite "ahhhhhh"....the sound came out quite funny (like a broken cassette player) and he stopped it funny :)

Now, i'm giving him heaps and heaps of winter melon water...but taking care of a sick bb is NO JOKE! I'm completely shacked to the bones...the sleepless night...the heavy heart...aiyooo...ok, i'm going to give him his lunch liao...till then, ciao!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Both Qi and Damien are sick...both are down with fever, runny nose and cough...i dun know how damien got it, maybe Qi passed her virus to him or maybe he "gaum tio"...he started to feel unwell last's his first time to be down with this morning, i brought the both of them to the doc and quarantine them at home...

It's so difficult to give damien his medicine...he screamed and cried until he like very "qi chiam" like both their fever had subsided...but still have to monitor loh...tonight, no air-con room for damien and me are going to sleep in the living room...coz more airy with the ceiling fan and therefore better ventilation...really hope the both of them get well's going to be another sleepless night for me liao :(

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ice-Cream @ Swensen

It's so hot today...when my boy was having his afternoon nap (topless)...i told my hubby that i need to go to the shopping mall to cool off...cannot la, at home my perspiration kept on pouring down my front and back...aiyoo, i really dread when the time comes for my confinment...aiyoo...sure chiat liat want....

When Damien woke up, we scoop him up then off we went to Swensen @ northpoint to have ice-cream...after ice-cream, we went jalan jalan in the mall...i brought some new panties, stretch mark cream (to my horrid, i discovered 2 stretch mark on my bum yesterday), and a sleeping gown...we went home arn 6pm when it wasn't so hot anymore....

Then my darling hubby suggested that we go dating...just the 2 of after settling Damien down with yayuk, we changed and went to Ashton's Grill at SSC for ribs...the food there is reasonably priced and it's yummy...forget to take pictures...what a pity...but we had a good night...

I hope we will at least get some rain tomorrow :O

Daddy, how about a chocolate coilt tower for me?

Mummy, are we READY to order????

Our "Topless 5" ice-cream

Thursday, March 5, 2009

3D Scan

I told my ah lao during my last visit to Dr. Koh that i wanted to go and take the 3D scan and see my bb...and my ah lao said we told Dr.Koh abt it and he gave us the ref letter to do it at TMC when i'm that i'm 28 weeks already, i decided not to go for it...hmmmmm...also dun know why lei..maybe i want to keep the "excitement" for seeing my bb for the 1st time when she is born...

My ah lao is expecting me to book an appt at TMC on the 13/Mar/09...guess have to tell him that i dun want to go for the scan already...he sure say i damn frickle-minded one...hehehe :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baking Session

Qi has been bugging me to teach her how to bake...i'm also clueless abt baking today is Qi's & my first attempt at baking...and today's recipe is "Cheese Straws"...we choose a simple one to start with and it's a success...the cheese sticks are yummy....below are the pics of our step-by-step process...enjoy :)

The ingredient

125g of flour

Shifting the flour

Dicing the butter

Rubbing in Method

Rolling the dough

Cutting the dough into straws

Glazing the straws

Ready to go into the oven

"Ta Da" done liao...must wait for straws to cool off first

Finished Product - Going to bring it for my dad tmr...he luvs cheese