Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Baking Session

Qi has been bugging me to teach her how to bake...i'm also clueless abt baking myself...so today is Qi's & my first attempt at baking...and today's recipe is "Cheese Straws"...we choose a simple one to start with and it's a success...the cheese sticks are yummy....below are the pics of our step-by-step process...enjoy :)

The ingredient

125g of flour

Shifting the flour

Dicing the butter

Rubbing in Method

Rolling the dough

Cutting the dough into straws

Glazing the straws

Ready to go into the oven

"Ta Da" done liao...must wait for straws to cool off first

Finished Product - Going to bring it for my dad tmr...he luvs cheese

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