Sunday, March 1, 2009

Full-Time Mommy

Coming tomorrow, i will be playing my new role as a full-time mommy...hehe :) hmmm...i think i will like it la...i have a "week-end" routine with my kids..and i thoroughly enjoyed it...dun know whether will it be the same if i have this routine throughout the entire week or rather this period when i'm a full-time mommy...shall update you guys on this....

In the meantime, i'm just going to sit back and enjoy my final lap of my pregnancy with my love ones....yeahhh :)

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Ong Mei said...

Finally, u are the full time mummy. Do u all know, she had been asking me for a WEEK before her "last" day. Asking "Zoey, will u miss me..." And I will always replied "NO" Then she will said "I dont believe I think you heart will say YES" I was thinking then why u still ASK!! (The women thing again)

Anyway office without u seem to be a bit quiet (though Idy still the champion, I meant "loudspeaker")Still have not get used to esp when I ask u qian bian wen da ti, u 100% wont guess correct and after telling you the answer u will always laughed a loud and said must go back to ask your ah lao and confrimed he wont know right so that to make yourself more balance right???

Enjoy this period. I guess u will be busying updating blog and I will busying replying...(u are making me bo eng)