Monday, March 23, 2009

Almost There! - The Last Lap

I'm in the home stretch :)...just went for my routine check-up at Dr.Koh and all is well...this time, my placenta is where is should be, high up in the womb...hehehehe...i'm 31 weeks liao and bb is's going to be a C-Sec for me as my bb spacing is too short...Dr.Koh already gave me the C-Sec date, that is, between 13-20/ later than that...when he asked us to go choose a date and time within that range, my heart started to beat very fast...coz that's like 6 weeks to go only...

So it's going to be full-steam right ahead now - choosing c-sec date/time, making hospital arrangements, shopping for bb essentials, preparing for Damien's photoshoot on the 13/April (i'm definately going to 100% heed Michelle's advise, that is, to spend as much time as possible with Damien) and last but not least, to prepare myself for the birth, breastfeeding and confinement (urgggh!)...

Amongst this, it's time to slow down the pace now and make as much time for myself and Damien before the BB takes over :)

This is what i got for BB to come home in - and of course, it must be pink in colour :)

1 comment:

Ong Mei said...

Pink, Pink and Pink.... I still cannot imagine myself in Pink anyway no one will be interested in me but Debbie..

I can sense u gan cheong 'ness" take it easy anyway this is not your first time liao..

DOnt worried u got all the Future Aunty babes support, Jia You!!

Gua Yin Ma will bao you, you and your family..