Sunday, March 15, 2009

StemCord Seminar

Hubby & i went for the StemCord seminar @ Sheraton Tower Hotel yest just so that we can get the $480 discount off their promo package if we signed up yest(U.P $1280) we only paid $800 and also collected the kit liao...hehe :) thing off my "to do" list...Yeah!

During the seminar, my hubby yawned so many times and without covering his mouth somemore *shake head*...tsk! tsk!...and besides that, he kept on fidgeting in his seat until i have to give him my killer stare as he was distracting me and maybe the couple behind us...hehhhhhh!..but he was so damn pleased with the savings loh that he treated me to dinner @ Prego...the pasta there are damn fantastic satisfying...glurp!

Btw, Damien is almost well liao...he got 90% of his voice back...brought him to Chong Pang this morning to have his hair cut...i asked the xiaojie to cut as short as possible coz of the hot weather...i hope that his hair will grow out nicely in time for our photoshoot next month :)
abit like coconut hairstyle hor :o

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mag said...

wah u told e whole world i yawn huh.actually i was taking in air so that i can focus better-not yawn hoh.anyway thx for making the arrangement2sign up the stem cord program.another mummy great commitment.cheers...