Sunday, November 29, 2009

Pre-X'mas Shopping

Basically, i'm too tired to whole body aching from the shopping spree yesterday with my 2 sis & Debbie...anyway, a picture says a thousand word :)


Debbie @ 6mths

i told hub last week that i don't mind to have another bb like Debbie...Taking care of Debbie is such a breeze...she drinks and eat like a pro and she sleep throughout the fuss at all...and she is so smiley and talkative...hub agrees with me...but he kinda also feels that 3 is enough now that we do not have any manpower to care for an additional member...anyhow, i already told him my target: 2011 - Year of Rabbit :0

Debbie @ 6mths

Just Qi & Me

After an exhausting week of caring for Damien, i told hub that i needed a break...Qi is really a gem too for being there for Damien and comforting i decided to bring her out too for some retail therapy...what else right? wakikiki...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


It's nightmare for me whenever my kids fall sick and i seems to be reliving this nightmare at least twice a month ever since Damien entered childcare...Damien fell sick again last week...and this time round, it's Bronchitis...hehhhhhhh! Hub and I were in and out of KK dunno how many times...Damien fever went up to nearly 41 degrees...his temp just wouldn't come down despite me giving him paracetamol/ibuofun very 4hrly and sponging him....and when he starts to go breathless on me, i was so panicky & freaked out...So he was out of action the whole last week, recovering at home :(

He has since recovered but my mum was adamant that he doesn't go back to school for at least the next 2 weeks and also that hub & me re-looked into his childcare...1 thing that i realised about his childcare is the huge No# of children they have with the last count, it's around 150 children and from what i hear from the principal, they will be looking at 220 children come Jan/2010...Ohmigod...mum wanted me to switch him to another childcare with fewer children or if not, pulled him out from school (Damien is the apple of her eyes)...hmmmmmm....Star Learners is a very good school and Damien is adapting well but the only problem i have with them is the no# of children...his PD was like telling me to bite thru the 3 months period and afterwhich, he will be fine as his body will be immune to all those evil virus...hehhhhhhh...dunno leh...i also heartpain whenever he falls sick...i have got a few other childcare centers in mind...will drop by with hub when he's in town...will go look see look see before we make any decision.

Now that Damien is at home, mum & dad is taking care of Debbie full time...Damien is my mum's pet while Debbie's my dad...hehehehe...good also, coz they can bond with their grandchildren instead of work work work everyday.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Upcoming Events

With just less than 2months to go, we will be ushering year 2010...time is passing really really no time, Damien will be 2 and Debbie 1...wowwww!!!! These few weeks to year-end are going to be real fanatic for is going to get even hectic with all the buyers/manufacturers rushing for x'mas...with Chelsea's housewarming, dad's b'day (i'm supposed to plan for a BBQ), Mervin's wedding, me&hub 3rd wedding anniversary and Damien's field trip to the Marina Barrage falling in the next 3 Dec is even more packed with Damien's full dress rehearsal and his concert followed by his meet-the-parent session...more wedding dinners, x'mas lunches & dinners, and x'mas shopping :) yeah! yeah! yeah!...guess it's going to be the same for almost everyone...A gentle reminder to all to take care of their health amidst all these crazy activities...stay safe and healthy, dears!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Damien's Progress @ Star Learners

Damien is into his 3rd month @ Star far so good...whenever YY announced that it's time for school, he will jumped down from the sofa and raced to the gate...hahaha...he is looking so forward to school...good good!...basically, i'm not one of those typical kiasu parent...for me, academic can comes's the safety and emotional welfare of my child that comes first...afterall, they only have 1 childhood...true?...and i've been conveying this message to his principal and teacher-in-charge since day 1...Hub and me wanted our children to just have fun now...that's all...of course, on top of this, we will want them to grow up with the correct values...this is why i'm intending to have Damien attend Sunday School soon...i'm looking at a few churches and will decide soon :)

I'll leave you now with some of Damien's's Phenomenal...i'm so proud of baby has grown up :)

Progress File from School