Sunday, November 29, 2009

Debbie @ 6mths

i told hub last week that i don't mind to have another bb like Debbie...Taking care of Debbie is such a breeze...she drinks and eat like a pro and she sleep throughout the fuss at all...and she is so smiley and talkative...hub agrees with me...but he kinda also feels that 3 is enough now that we do not have any manpower to care for an additional member...anyhow, i already told him my target: 2011 - Year of Rabbit :0

Debbie @ 6mths


Michelle Ng said...

Debie is so chubby.. She's a big girl now. Yah, wait till debbie is bigger then u try for one more, if not u're be dead beat. :) Way to go... I'm planning for one more when Xavier turns 1yo. hahaha... Kinda addicted to giving birth. :x

Joyce Phuah Hooi Ean said...'re so brave, want to have 1 more. my timmy is 9 mths old but i dun think i wanna have these few years at least. it's not easy to take care of them. when they fall sick etc also i feel so worry.