Thursday, November 5, 2009

Damien's Progress @ Star Learners

Damien is into his 3rd month @ Star far so good...whenever YY announced that it's time for school, he will jumped down from the sofa and raced to the gate...hahaha...he is looking so forward to school...good good!...basically, i'm not one of those typical kiasu parent...for me, academic can comes's the safety and emotional welfare of my child that comes first...afterall, they only have 1 childhood...true?...and i've been conveying this message to his principal and teacher-in-charge since day 1...Hub and me wanted our children to just have fun now...that's all...of course, on top of this, we will want them to grow up with the correct values...this is why i'm intending to have Damien attend Sunday School soon...i'm looking at a few churches and will decide soon :)

I'll leave you now with some of Damien's's Phenomenal...i'm so proud of baby has grown up :)

Progress File from School

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Samantha Hong said...

I am so proud of xiao mien also! Dun play play ar, he can do colouring and draw straight lines.. heehee.. Looking forward to his performance in Dec. :)