Friday, November 6, 2009

Upcoming Events

With just less than 2months to go, we will be ushering year 2010...time is passing really really no time, Damien will be 2 and Debbie 1...wowwww!!!! These few weeks to year-end are going to be real fanatic for is going to get even hectic with all the buyers/manufacturers rushing for x'mas...with Chelsea's housewarming, dad's b'day (i'm supposed to plan for a BBQ), Mervin's wedding, me&hub 3rd wedding anniversary and Damien's field trip to the Marina Barrage falling in the next 3 Dec is even more packed with Damien's full dress rehearsal and his concert followed by his meet-the-parent session...more wedding dinners, x'mas lunches & dinners, and x'mas shopping :) yeah! yeah! yeah!...guess it's going to be the same for almost everyone...A gentle reminder to all to take care of their health amidst all these crazy activities...stay safe and healthy, dears!

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