Sunday, January 17, 2010

Debbie @ 8 months

1st Complain

Damien kena his 1st complain from school last Friday - for snatching other's kid's toys n thus kena slightly injured in the process...wahahahaha...when i received a call from his teacher, my first thought was..uhhh ohhh...dun tell me he is sick this is ok la...coz boys will be boys...part n parcel of growing up :p

my cheeky boy during free play in school

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Bumps & Bruises

In the space of 10days, my boy has suffered 1 nasty abrasion on his kneecap and 2 mean bruises to his right eye and countless knocks on his head...ouch! He's basically not looking where's going...instead of walking properly...he's literally always zooming here and heart is constantly in my mouth...see already also scared...boys will be boys...hehhhh...i told hub that must go temple to pray for the kids safety...if not, pray for my weak heart...always kena tio chua by Damien :O

Debbie is more demure...the only damage she can do now is to pull my hair nia...whahahaha :) btw, she has already called off her milk strike and now back to guai guai drinking her milk...hehehehe.

I had heaps of fun with the kids during my long weekend...i was on leave on Friday to bring mien go see his eye far so good...yippeee! Next check will be 4 months later...It's back to work tomorrow...Have a nice week ahead :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Both my darlings are teething...Ouch! Ouch!...When Damien started salivating big time 2 weeks ago...mum told me to watch out for any onset of fever as it's his last 2 upper and 2 lower molars that is coming out...he already got last 4 to go...and tui tui, he had fever not long...heng! his fever was quite mild and just last week, his last molars made their first appearance...he's still salivating, but it's clearing up...i've been giving him Pokka Green Tea and heaps of G3 to ease his discomfort...thank god, he's not so cranky :)

For Debbie's case, she has been on milk strike for the past 3 days to protest against her pain and discomfort...poor thing! i'm not sure when she will call off her milk strike...i hope soon coz it pains me to see her not drinking milk AT ALL...and i really mean not AT ALL...not a single drop :( so we have been just giving her plenty of water, cereals, porridge and Gerber Applesauce...on top of that, she's super far, i haven't seen her first tooth yet...can't wait for it to pop up soon.

@Berries Woodlands...checking out their N1 program for Damien

@ Soup Restaurant after Berries...Just Mummy and Me :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

My wish for 2010

My wish for 2010 is for my family to be always healthy and happy...That's all :)
Oh oh!...there's 1 more...that is, for Jennifer & her hub, to welcome a BB in the year of Tiger :)

Happy Twenty-Ten!

It's the 1st day of 2010...yeahhhhh!!!!! I'm so happy coz i have all my loved ones with me this year! Was at the countdown party @ Katib yest nite...and can you believe that it's my mum who chio me go loh...hahahaha...she's very happening hor :p

Would like to wish all a happy 2010 and have a fantastic year ahead :o