Tuesday, April 28, 2009

14 May 2009

This is it!...the day has been set for my C-Sec...i will get to see my darling gal on the 14/May/2009...hmmmm...i'm getting all excited and nervous as the anticipation builds up and as the day draws nearer...saw dr.koh this morning and bb is 2.76kgs now...another 2more weeks to go...hope bb will hit the 3kgs mark...

Nowadays, sleep seems to elude me...it's so so hard to get a goodnite sleep and i'm getting all exhausted easily...like today, i'm so drained that i do not even have the energy to dodge when Damien tried to grab my specs...thank god, i have got everything all prepared for the arrival of bb in the last few weeks...i cannot imagine going for long shopping spree scouting for bb essentials at this time...I will be picking my MIL up from the airport tmr...with the extra help from my MIL, guessed i will just put my feet up and R&R now...hehehe :p

My hubby is also all geared up towards D-Day...he is actually rostered for a 9Days Dubai-Istanbul flt before his leave on the 11/May....but fearing that his bb might come early and him missing out on all the action, he actually gave away this long flt (p/s: I have been feeding him on stories like how the water bag will suddenly burst and all those labour pains..blah! blah! blah!) ...it doesn't sit too well with him not seeing his bb coming into this world...hahaha...so there goes his flight allowance...$$$...hehehe...nvr la...$$$ can earn back ma...it's good to have him around this period too :)

My dining escapade with my boy - Mummy, wanton mee for me pls...

My darling elder sis has been busing shopping for her nephews and niece too...she bought so much stuff for them on her trip to London...btw, my younger sis is expecting a bb boy in sept too :p - Going thru the goodies at my place with my kaypoh son looking on....

This dress is for my mei mei...not for me...

Dayi, anything for me????

Of course la, will not forget u...u're Dayi no#1

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Chris, CJ, Zoey & Tua Pui @ Pizza Hut (23/April)

CJ & Tua Pui

CJ, Chris (CJ's mommy) and Tua Pui
CJ & Auntie Zoey

Hot Spell

These few days are really hot! hot! hot!...with the soaring temperature, it's really hard to stay comfortable and to do any other things else...to escape from the heat, i have been spending alot of my time either in the mall or at the poolside...even Damien seems to be hooked up with swimming...he will shrieked with delight whenever i bring him down to the pool and screamed with anger when it's time to go home...

Dunno how i'm going to get through my confinement...hur! hur! hur!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Chicken Rice

Momsie whipped up her speciality - Chicken Rice for dinner tonight...and all of us flocked to the shop like bees to honey for her chicken rice...she prepared 4 chickies..what a sight! (I forget to take pic of the 4 chickies :p) and dumpling soup to go with the chicken rice...Slurp! Slurp!


Hubby always like to wrestle with Damien...i was telling him that he is being too rough with him...but he claimed that Damien like it this way...aiyooo..

Monday, April 20, 2009

Moody & Pissed Off

Guessed i got up from the wrong side of bed this morning...feeling moody + emotional...got into an argument with my hubby over the same issue AGAIN...dun think this issue will be settled in the near future...someone is just PLAIN SELFISH & INCONSIDERATE (i dun want to mention names here, let's just name this person "J")...some of you gals might know who i am talking about...and this J is pissing me off big time...

Anyway, hubby brought me out for lunch @ Ichiban and shopping just now...i bought a Fisher&Price Rainforest Dream Mobile for BB and some housewear apparel at Mothercare for Damien and BB...also bought a set of luxurious bedspread for our bed at Aussino...however, i'm still not appeased loh...my mood is still as grey when we got home...

I have set my sight on the Fisher&Price Rainforest bouncer and a Combi stroller for bb and i'm bent on getting those...it's going to set my hubby back a few hundreds buck but i dun care loh...i'm going to spend and spend his $$$...tat's is until my mood improve...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Vivo City & T3

Mum has been nagging at me to slow down and stay at home...but hor...dun know why, i really enjoy bringing Damien out EVERYDAY...actually, it's too much hor...i mean practically everyday, i will bring him out to jalan jalan...yest, i brought him out to Vivo and today, i brought him to T3 to fetch my hubby from his Shanghai trip...

Yayuk and myself really enjoyed T3 very much...we were there early and we had our lunch at McDonalds...their new Spicy Wrap is super duper spicy and yummy...T3 is so cooling, quiet and tranquil...just sitting at the cafe having our lunch is so shiok...even Damien enjoyed himself and is very well-behaved...not like in Vivo where it was so crowded and he was so restless and noisy...

I think i will make just a few more trips to T3 with Damien just before i pop :p

@ Sushi Teh @ Vivo

Trying out a Cap @ GAP Vivo

My Cheeky boy @ T3 McDonald's

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Call me Clumsy

It's becoming more and more difficult for me to move around like how i used too...imagine to get up from the floor is already a feat for me...often than not, i will need assistance from my ang *shy shy shy*...i'm feeling much like a king kong these days...i have a few nicknames from my loved ones... Hong Yuan Yuan by my sis...BB (which stands for bak bak) by my hubby...hur! hur! hur!...sob! sob!...i think Damien also think mommy is clumsy coz mommy always knock into his toys :(

Besides that, i have been also suffering from long sleepless nights...with the sheer size of my body and my bb's constant squirming and kickboxing, i feel like i'm never going to get comfortable enough for some shut-eye...i'm left to hearing the snores from my two boys throughout the night...gone were those days that i can sleep through the night...

However, having said that, I STILL LOVE THIS BIG BELLY OF MINE...because this is where my darling daughter nest and develop before she is ready to see her daddy, mummy, jie jie and kor kor...It's less than a month now before i see my darling gal... and it's time to get ready for D-DAY...yipeee!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Damien's 1st Bike

Hubby and i chanced upon this "2009 newest model bike" in Chong Pang
...whahahaha...and we decided to get one for Damien...no need to pay COE, insurance and road tax...just that need ppl to push him around only...hehehe :)

Peep peep...peep peep...siam siam...i'm coming :o