Friday, April 17, 2009

Vivo City & T3

Mum has been nagging at me to slow down and stay at home...but hor...dun know why, i really enjoy bringing Damien out EVERYDAY...actually, it's too much hor...i mean practically everyday, i will bring him out to jalan jalan...yest, i brought him out to Vivo and today, i brought him to T3 to fetch my hubby from his Shanghai trip...

Yayuk and myself really enjoyed T3 very much...we were there early and we had our lunch at McDonalds...their new Spicy Wrap is super duper spicy and yummy...T3 is so cooling, quiet and tranquil...just sitting at the cafe having our lunch is so shiok...even Damien enjoyed himself and is very well-behaved...not like in Vivo where it was so crowded and he was so restless and noisy...

I think i will make just a few more trips to T3 with Damien just before i pop :p

@ Sushi Teh @ Vivo

Trying out a Cap @ GAP Vivo

My Cheeky boy @ T3 McDonald's

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Michelle Ng said...

My hub just saw mag's foto n he said mag looks like thaksin. Oops. :x