Friday, April 3, 2009

Swiss Roll

As usual, this morning Damien woke me up @ 4am...after giving him milk and entertaining him for awhile, he decided to go back to then, i'm damn wide was only i decided to try out the "Swiss Roll" recipe that Ginger gave i started to whisk and whisk and took me abt 1.5hr before i see the end swiss roll is a tad too hard...otherwise it tasted quite alright...just in time for breakfast :)

My lovey Ginger dropped by my place in the afternoon to "sample" my swiss roll and also gave me some pointers too...will try again soon...but not very soon coz my arms arching from the whisking liao...i will make butter cookies tmr morning instead...hehehehe...

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Ong Mei said...

I can give u some tips, for swiss roll for a begineer

1) Flatted the mixture "thin" as i can see from your pic, u can use the mixture and do it at least 3 round. Also knocked the baking tray so that the mixture will be evenly spread.

2) U can try using a cake mixture and keep rotating the bowl, the result will be good as well.

3) More important is the eggs had to be fresh, dont use the one just take out from fridge.

4) Practice and Practice more, Practice make perfect.

PS: Hope these tips help, cheers!!