Sunday, April 12, 2009

Call me Clumsy

It's becoming more and more difficult for me to move around like how i used too...imagine to get up from the floor is already a feat for me...often than not, i will need assistance from my ang *shy shy shy*...i'm feeling much like a king kong these days...i have a few nicknames from my loved ones... Hong Yuan Yuan by my sis...BB (which stands for bak bak) by my hubby...hur! hur! hur!...sob! sob!...i think Damien also think mommy is clumsy coz mommy always knock into his toys :(

Besides that, i have been also suffering from long sleepless nights...with the sheer size of my body and my bb's constant squirming and kickboxing, i feel like i'm never going to get comfortable enough for some shut-eye...i'm left to hearing the snores from my two boys throughout the night...gone were those days that i can sleep through the night...

However, having said that, I STILL LOVE THIS BIG BELLY OF MINE...because this is where my darling daughter nest and develop before she is ready to see her daddy, mummy, jie jie and kor kor...It's less than a month now before i see my darling gal... and it's time to get ready for D-DAY...yipeee!

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