Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy 1st B'day, Damien :)

Damien celebrated his 1st b'day times flies...he is yi shui liao :)
In a month time, he will be a kor kor to his bb sister...hehe...

Dear ah gong/ah ma, ah yi/jiu jiu, aunties/uncles, kor kor/jiejie, thank you for celebrating this special day with me...thanks for your well-wishes, gifts and ang bao :) I love you all....

The buffet from Neo Garden - Yummy (Rating: 4 out of 5 stars)

Damien's 2tier b'day cake from ECreative - It's super yummy and nice :) it's well worth the $$$

B'day boy with daddy, mummy and jie jie

Damien's cousin - BB Sonia - Damien's youngest guest :)
Damien's cousin - Ashley
With ah ma, Dayi and jiejie

With Auntie Ginger

Thank you for the wonderful party :)

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mag said...

thx to mummy agai for organising the party and very soon there will be another one comin up.simply love the cake. one of the best i ever come across.
chki out fr london tmr so looking fwd2play attact wit the kids.