Friday, March 27, 2009

Montessori @ Alexandra

Yesterday, hubby and i dropped by the Montessori Pre-School Centre @ Alexandra to take a look at the premise and also to view their facilities and programs...their facilitator, Lilian, brought us around and hubby likes the place and programs they offer so we have kinda decided that this will be the place for our little Damien when he turns 18mths this Oct.

We got him enrolled, paid the registration fee and also had the payment schedule with the govt subsidy worked out...we will sort out the rest of the miscellaneous stuff, like his uniform etc etc in July...actually, i had my fears whenever the thought of sending Damien to pre-school comes up...what if he catches a virus easily and fall sick?...after all, it's a school environment and his immune system is still not strong enough yet...what if he kena bully?...what if he is scared and needed mommy?...what if he feels that mommy doesn't wants him around at home anymore now that she has meimei...*heart pain! heart pain!*...i burst out crying after i voiced out my fears and concerns to hubby...

To add on, i was reading this book, "Raising Boys" by Steve Biddulph, and it says that if at all possible, a boy should stay home with one of his parents until age three as childcare of the institutional kind does not suit boy's nature under this age. Many studies have also shown that boys are more prone than girls to separation anxiety and to becoming emotionally shut down as a result of feeling abandoned. However, my hubby does not see it this way...he shared with me his thoughts and opinions of sending our boy to pre-school at 18mths...after a long talk with him (amidst much wailing and tears), somehow he managed to convince me to look on the bright side of's going to be good for him :)

Let's hope and pray that when the time comes for Damien to enter pre-school this Oct, it will be a smooth transition for him...i'm keeping my fingers cross :)

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