Friday, March 20, 2009

Subway's "Subway Melt"

I'm so hooked on Subway's "Subway Melt" in Honey Oats yummy!...i had it for lunch yesterday and today and is going to have it for lunch tmr as well...just thinking of it can make me drool :p...i think i will go for the foot long one tmr...anyway, i dun have waistline liao...hehehe :)

i brought YY and Damien out to get my Subway just now and also to get my nursing bras...i managed to scout for cheap and good nursing bra at E2 @ northpoint...only $13.50/pc nia after 30% comfy...i dun like the ones at Spring i got 2pcs...good buy!

I was out shopping at Vivo on wednesday...managed to get all the things i needed for my bb nothing much to prepare liao...hmmmm, will go check my list again to see if i miss out anything.


Michelle Ng said...

I also feels spring maternity one not nice. Must go Northpoint to c look after my confinement liao. Anyway, before you pop, give damien every single second of ur time. If not it will be a long one mth before u can bring him out of the house, play with him n carry him. The feeling is so no good. I felt i neglected Xan now. The way he look at me when im latching didi, like so envious didi can be carried by me but not him. Felt so heartpain. So during this one mth i kept urging my hubby to bring him go down to the playground to play, if not he will be like mummy kenna lock at home for one mth.

mag said...

hihi.well back to frankfurt and in no time chki again for home sweet home.subway huh..i only eat that in is damn gd@np.always see long queue.but in sin ill never eat subway.i prefer local delights.
ok c all of u soon.

Ong Mei said...

Yes i agreed Subway melt is nice... for the benefit for other readers, u might want to try meatballs, tuna but of cos subway melt is still the best!!!