Thursday, March 19, 2009


As i have mentioned in my previous blog entries that Damien has a habit of waking up arn 3am to PLAY...this morning was no exception...right on cue, he woke up at 3am...he started to amuse himself with his singing, trying to chew off the photo frames displayed on my bedside, playing with my sleepy face etc etc...he started to cry and i guessed he was hungry, so i made him some milk and right after milk, he went back to sleep...only to left me wide awake :(

So here i am, infront of the PC, waiting for the Zzzzz bug to hit me again...
Anyway, here are some pics of him with his coconut haircut :0

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mag said...

last day in new york.counting the day to be back with family.hope all turns out well when im not hair cut=new look for him.tell e kids i miss them ok.u too..