Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lazy Mood

Guess i've been doing too much for the past week that i'm just lazing around these few days...with hubby away in Auckland last week, i have been bringing my kids to my dad's shop to spend time with my mum and my 2 sis...Damien loves going to the "Lelong shop" which is a few shops away from dad's...he will pull me towards that direction and led me to the section where they sells fan...then i will stand there and wait for him until he finished playing...hehehe...

I'm waiting for my sis to come back from Frankfurt this friday to go shopping in ION...i've plenty of stuff in my shopping list...dunno how much $$$ hub is going to sponsor me this time round...i've lost 6kgs from my frame and i've got some serious shopping to do...woohooo...ION, here we come!!!!!

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